Malaria and rethink on DDT open up Africa for a PSU

Sonu Jain | 06 Jul 2023 | The Indian Express

After being outlawed for almost four decades, DDT is making a comeback in the world as one of the most effective agents of malaria control — and this has translated to good business for India.

Olyset Net Honored with Awards

Staff Writers | 05 Jan 2024 | Sumitomo Chemical

Sumitomo Chemical's Olyset® Net has received prestigious awards from The Tech Museum of Innovation in San Jose, California and the Asahi Shimbun in Japan.

Novartis cuts price of malaria drug by a third

Staff Writers | 29 Sep 2023 | Reuters

Swiss drugmaker Novartis AG said it had cut the price of its Coartem malaria drug by more than a third, subsidising efforts to fight the disease which kills more than a million people every year.

Uganda Fighting for Right to Eradicate Malaria

Paul Driessen | 15 Jan 2024 | Heartland Institute

Environmental activists are callously denying the citizens of Uganda, where 70,000 people die every year due to malaria, the right to use DDT to eradicate the disease, the U.S. Senate was told on September 28.

Tonnes of DDT goes to waste in Bihar

Staff Writers | 31 Dec 2023 | NDTV

Black fever or kala azar is among the biggest public health challenges in Bihar.