Ministries of Finance

We have listed links to the Ministry of Finance websites available for African nations below. These websites provide useful information on budgetary information that affects health planning and malaria control. For some countries you can track progress towards the 2001 Abuja Summit pledge by African governments to devote 15 percent of their national budget to healthcare reform.

Import taxes and tariffs (T&T;) levied in many cases by Finance Ministries cause delays and impede the delivery of bed nets, drugs and other life-saving malaria control commodities. In some sub-Saharan African countries, T&T; can run as high as 20 percent of an item's cost. While many malarial countries have few options when it comes to raising government revenue domestically, AFM's own research has contributed to a vast body of evidence demonstrating that tariffs and taxes on essential medical supplies are regressive and hurt the poorest. The World Bank and International Monetary Fund should help countries find alternative ways to raise funds so that the state-imposed barriers to accessing healthcare are removed.

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