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AFM Board Members

Dr. Roger Bate, PhD is a Visting Scholar at the American Enterprise Institute (AEI) and a widely published scholar on international aid policy, development and the political economy of disease control. Dr. Bate served as AFM's Chairman of the Board from 2003 to 2006.

Dr. Donald Roberts, PhD is a Professor Emeritus of Tropical Public Health at the Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences in Bethesda, Maryland. His long and distinguished career includes the publication of over 100 of peer reviewed research papers on malaria and other insect borne diseases and he has conducted innovative research on the action of chemicals for use in malaria control. He has been a Board member of AFM since 2003.

Richard Tren, MSc has been the Director of AFM since its inception in 2000, and in 2006 was appointed as the Chairman of the AFM Board. Richard is South African, though he moved to AFM's Washington, DC office in January 2006. He has published widely on the political economy of malaria control as well as on other topics of healthcare and development.

AFM Staff

Lorraine Mooney, MSc has been working with AFM since 2004 as a researcher, editor, economist and medical demographer. She writes research papers and editorials on a variety of public health issues. Previously she ran the European Science and Environment Forum, an educational charity, for 10 years, latterly as director.

Jasson Urbach, MSc has been working with AFM since 2004. He is currently AFM's Southern Africa Director, as well as a Director of the Free Market Foundation. He publishes academic and popular opinion pieces on the political economy of malaria control and various business and economics topics. He is based in Durban, South Africa.

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