Commodity Manufacturers

Manufacturers of malaria commodities - insecticides, insecticide treated nets, spray pumps, medicines and diagnostic equipment  - all play a vital role in malaria control. AFM firmly believes that governments and UN agencies should ensure that these companies have the right set of incentives to develop new innovative products that will improve malaria control and treatment. While we recognize and appreciate the charitable and humanitarian contribution made by the private sector, we also feel that malaria is too important a disease to be left to charity. More needs to be done to find profitable opportunities in malaria control and treatment if we are to sustain and improve programs.

Among the insecticide manufacturers, Hindustan Insecticides, Ltd., an Indian company, is one of two producers of DDT along with Yorkool Chemical, which is based in China. Avima, based in South Africa, supplies many malaria control programs in Africa with insecticides, including DDT, and has a strategic partnership with BASF. In addition to these, both Syngenta and Bayer produce highly effective malaria control insecticides and continue to conduct research into new products and to find innovative ways of using their existing products.

Hudson Pump has been the world's leading manufacturer of Indoor Residual Spraying pumps for many decades. Their reliable, high quality pumps are used in spraying programs around the world. The company adds value not only in producing an excellent product, but in assisting many malaria control programs to set up and manage spraying programs.   

The development of Long-lasting Insecticidal Nets has been an enormously beneficial advance in malaria control in recent years. There are currently five World Health Organization recommended products: Olyset, manufactured by Sumitomo Chemicals; PermaNet, manufactured by Vestergaard-Frandsen; Interceptor, manufactured by BASF; DuraNet, manufactured by Clarke Mosquito; and Netprotect, manufactured by BestNet Europe.

Some of the world's leading research based drug companies produce highly effective malaria drugs and provide these medicines on a no-profit, no-loss basis. Both Novartis, which produces Coartem, and Sanofi-Aventis, which produces Coarsucam, stand out. We recognize the contribution of these companies and urge governments to ensure that they are encouraged to continue researching new, innovative therapies for malaria treatment.

Rapid Diagnostic Tests are increasingly reliable in the accurate diagnosis of malaria. A list of manufacturers is available here.

This list is not comprehensive, as there are many other private companies involved in producing commodities for malaria control. AFM invites the private sector to Contact Us with updates or other suggestions for listing.
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