Africa Fighting Malaria conducts research and writes commentary on the political economy of malaria and other diseases in developing countries. This includes but is not limited to the performance of national malaria control programs, donor and UN agencies, and the private sector. The popular media is a useful outlet for generating constructive debate and raising awareness. Here are some sample editorials AFM has authored: Test

EU gets taste of its own medicine Richard Tren, GlobalPost, 4 Jul 2023
Aid Agencies Turning a Blind Eye to Stolen Drugs Roger Bate, Economic Affairs, 3 Mar 2024
Why is the UN promoting false data in the fight against malaria? Richard Tren & Donald Roberts, The Daily Caller, 20 Jan 2024
Africa’s Stolen-Drug Problem Roger Bate, Wall Street Journal Europe, 31 Aug 2023
Holding the line in battle against malaria Richard Tren & Donald Roberts, Business Day (South Africa), 26 Apr 2023
How bad science opened door for malaria Richard Tren & Donald Roberts, USA Today, 21 Apr 2023
About Those Malaria Goals Richard Tren & Donald Roberts, Wall Street Journal, 8 Apr 2024
Drug procurement, the Global Fund and misguided competition policies Richard Tren, Kimberly Hess & Roger Bate, Malaria Journal, Dec 22, 2023
Dubious studies poison war on malaria Richard Tren, Business Day (South Africa), 29 Oct 2023
Protectionism Won’t Heal Africa’s Sick Roger Bate, Wall Street Journal, 28 Sep 2023
Affordable Medicines Facility for malaria Roger Bate & Kimberly Hess, The Lancet Infectious Diseases, 23 Jun 2023
New tools to fight fake medicines Roger Bate, SciDev.Net, 13 May 2023
Insecticides for public health Richard Tren, Canadian Medical Association Journal, 31 Mar 2024
New insecticides are crucial in battle against malaria Roger Bate, SciDev.Net, 19 Feb 2024
EU - False Fears Pose Real Threats to Continent Jasson Urbach, Daily Independent (Lagos), 26 Jan 2024
EU Food Safety Legislation is Poison Richard Tren, Business Day (South Africa), 22 Jan 2024
The Wrong Message in a Bottle Roger Bate, New York Times, 15 Nov 2023
Killing With Kindness Jasson Urbach & Julian Harris, ModernGhana.com, 27 Sep 2023
Uganda: Stiffer Regulation Needed On Fake Drugs Carlos Odora, New Vision, 21 May 2023
Malaria Keeps Killing Millions Jasson Urbach, Sowetan, 16 May 2023
Poor medicine for poor people Roger Bate, Globe and Mail, 16 May 2023
Foolishness & Foreign Aid Richard Tren & Philip Coticelli, New York Post, 25 Apr 2023
Lessons from other nations in malaria fight Carlos Odora, New Vision, 31 Jan 2024
A Global Industry of Fake Drugs Roger Bate, China Post (Taiwan), 22 Dec 2023
Last Chance for DDT Roger Bate, Wall Street Journal, 5 Nov 2023
Preventing malaria in endemic areas Donald Roberts, British Medical Journal, 24 Oct 2023
Hero in the fight against malaria Richard Tren, Business Day (South Africa), 10 Apr 2024
Jumping Through WHOPES to Control Malaria Richard Tren & Philip Coticelli, TCS Daily, 25 Apr 2023
Uganda still needs to fight malaria Carlos Odora, New Vision, 1 Aug 2023
Africa’s Economic Fate In Its Own Hands Richard Tren & Jasson Urbach, Business Day, Dec 13, 2023
How DDT Can Stop Millions of Malaria Deaths Richard Tren & Philip Coticelli, Mail & Guardian, Nov 9, 2023
Make Federal Spending Transparent Roger Bate, Washington Post, Aug 9, 2023
The World Bank and Disease Control: A Bad Combination, Roger Bate, Roger Bate, Published on the World Bank’s Health, Nutrition and Population website, May 3, 2023
You can find more AFM editorials throughout our website. Please also read our sample Research Papers, Testimony, Letters, Media Coverage and Success Stories located in the What We Do menu above.

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