Success Stories

Africa Fighting Malaria publishes articles about successful malaria control and wider public health initiatives. Here are some examples of AFM's Success Stories:

Make Federal Spending Transparent Roger Bate, Washington Post, 9 Sep 2023
Australia’s Water Works Roger Bate, Wall Street Journal Asia, Aug 23, 2023
Moving Mountains: The Evolution of USAID’s Malaria Control Program Roger Bate, Richard Tren & Philip Coticelli, Africa Fighting Malaria, 12 Dec 2023
Keeping Malaria Out Of Zanzibar None, Africa Fighting Malaria, 26 Mar 2024
Physical and chemical stability of expired fixed dose combination artemether-lumefantrine in uncontrolled tropical conditions Roger Bate, Richard Tren, Kimberly Hess & Amir Attaran, Malaria Journal, 25 Feb 2024
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