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Swiss Malaria Group Photo Contest

None | 26 Feb 2024 |

The Swiss Malaria Group has launched a photo contest that will run from 15th of February to the 24th of March, 2013.

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Malaria: The BIG Picture

None | 15 Feb 2024 | The Swiss Malaria Group

The Swiss Malaria Group hosts an online photo contest

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ASTMH Applauds U.S. Senate for Passing World Malaria Day Resolution

None | 12 Jul 2023 | American Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene

On Tuesday evening, the U.S. Senate passed S.Res.429, the World Malaria Day Resolution, recognizing April 25 as World Malaria Day. ASTMH thanks Sen. Roger Wicker (R-MS) for introducing this resolution as well as the 12 co-sponsoring senators, one of whom is Sen. Chris Coons (D-DE), who, along with Sen. Wicker, co-chairs the Senate Working Group on Malaria and champions against the disease.

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Malaria Control: Progress, Promise, and Perils

Dana Dalrymple | 23 May 2023 | The Center for Disease Dynamics, Economics & Policy

Curiously, two of the main themes that characterize current global malaria control efforts are foreshadowed in famous quotations from 19th century literature. Charles Dickens in his Tale of Two Cities famously wrote “It was the best of times and the worst of times.”

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The March of Washingtons Distributes $10,000 for Antimalarial Drugs in Uganda

None | 23 Apr 2023 | Africa Fighting Malaria

The March of Washingtons - a broad-based campaign to increase access to high-quality antimalarial and pneumonia drugs in Africa - has made its fifth donation. Thanks to school children in the US, UK, Aid for Africa, and others, $10,000 for ACTs has been donated to Soft Power Health’s clinic in Uganda.

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External Evaluation of the President’s Malaria Initiative

None | 21 Feb 2024 | President’s Malaria Initiative

On February 21, 2012, USAID released the final report by an external evaluation team of the first five years (FY 2006-FY 2010) of the President’s Malaria Initiative (PMI). PMI is a major component of the U.S. Government’s Global Health Initiative (GHI), announced by President Barack Obama in May 2009.

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The Southern African Regional Network (SARN) Roll Back Malaria (RBM) Partnership in Southern Africa Supports South Africa SADC Malaria Events in Bungeni, Limpopo Province, South Africa

None | 11 Nov 2023 | Roll Back Malaria

The 2011 SADC Malaria Day Events were held in the Bungeni Community in Limpopo Province of South Africa - Hosted by the National Malaria control Program (NMCP).

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Unfounded pesticide concerns adversely affect the health of low-income populations

None | 30 Aug 2023 | American Chemical Society

 The increasingly prevalent notion that expensive organic fruits and vegetables are safer because pesticides — used to protect traditional crops from insects, thus ensuring high crop yields and making them less expensive — are a risk for causing cancer has no good scientific support, an authority on the disease said here today.

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XO Moms

None | 10 May 2023 | Creative Visions Foundation

For every 20 views our videos get, Humanity International will buy a mosquito net for a family in need to help prevent malaria, which kills 781,000 people a year, most being children under five years of age. Every minute, someone is dying from this preventable disease. You can do your part to stop this by watching and sharing our videos.

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Uganda: First vaccination for GMZ2 malaria vaccine trial

None | 9 May 2023 | The Medical News

Recently, the EDCTP-funded GMZ2 consortium started a volunteer enrolment for the phase IIb clinical trial of the candidate malaria vaccine GMZ2 in Uganda. This is the third trial site to initiate volunteer recruitment for this multi-country study.

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