Press Releases

Malaria Awards 2007 Announced by Malaria Foundation International (MFI)

12 Sep 2023 | Malaria Foundation International

The Malaria Foundation International (MFI) has announced its 2007 Malaria Awards recipients. The foundation's inaugural "Malaria Awards Ceremony" was established in 2006 to honor the many extraordinary individuals and organizations that have made and continue to make important contributions in the fight against malaria.

World Fast Against Malaria

Hedge Funds vs. Malaria | 08 May 2023 |

The second annual World Fast Against Malaria will be held on May 10, 2007. 100% of donations related to the fast will go to buy long lasting life-saving nets for $5 per net. Click here to participate in the fast and or sponsor your fast or the fast of others.

Anti-Malaria Organizations Issue a Joint Statement Calling for $3 Billion Globally to Effectively Control Malaria

| 25 Apr 2023 | PR Newswire

Today, in observance of Africa Malaria Day and the first ever Malaria Awareness Day in the U.S., more than forty organizations dedicated to the global fight against malaria issued a joint statement emphasizing the need for increased funds from the U.S. Government and other sources, a move that would ultimately increase collaborative efforts needed to control the malaria epidemic.

AFM Africa Malaria Day Analysis

Richard Tren, Philip Coticelli, Roger Bate & Kathryn Boateng | 23 Apr 2023 | Africa Fighting Malaria

Political will and public funding to target malaria are increasing, but there is still room to improve efforts to measure, assess, and inform evidence-based policies and programs.

Zimbabwe's MDC Appeals for Urgent Medical Supplies and Funds

Roy Bennett | 06 Apr 2024 | MDC Media Release

Faced with a rapidly escalating, brutal campaign of violence perpetrated by the Mugabe regime, Zimbabwe's Movement for Democratic Change has issued an urgent appeal for medical supplies as well as funds for medical costs, food and legal assistance.

'Princess of Africa' Launches Malaria Foundation

15 Mar 2024 |

Princess of Africa Foundation, UK and World Bank call for more predictable long-term financing to control the disease.

Japan Contributes $186 million to the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, TB and Malaria

Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs | 03 Mar 2024 | Harold Doan and Associates, Ltd.

The contribution to the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria, announced today, is a testimony to Japan's firm commitment to continue its assistance in the fight against the killer diseases and its high regard for the important role the Global Fund is playing in this global endeavour.

Congress Applauded For Increasing Funds In FY07 For President's Malaria Initiative, Global Fund To Fight AIDS, TB, And Malaria

JHUCCP | 21 Feb 2024 | Medical News Today

Malaria advocates today offered sincere thanks to the U.S. Congress for agreeing to support a major increase in funds to combat malaria in fiscal year 2007.

A healthier future in DR Congo

Merlin | 05 Feb 2024 | PR Newswire

Merlin is part of a consortium that has embarked on a US$40 million (£20.3 million) programme to rebuild and strengthen health services in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

ExxonMobil Foundation Announces $1 Million Grant to Support Angola's National Malaria Control Program

02 Feb 2024 | ExxonMobil

ExxonMobil Foundation announced today a grant of $1 million to USAID to support the efforts of the Ministry of Health in Angola to strengthen and extend malaria prevention and control in that country.