Scientists Hail New Malaria DNA Research

Jessica Berman | 10 Dec 2023 | Voice of America

Experts say new research is pointing scientists in the direction of better malaria surveillance and treatment.

Swedish researchers develop new weapon against malaria

Staff Writers | 03 Oct 2023 | Cordis News

Scientists at Sweden's Karolinska Institute have developed a new malaria drug which could help to treat the most serious forms of the disease.

Cheap anti-allergy drug offers hope of cure for malaria

James Renderson | 03 Jul 2023 | Guardian Unlimited

A drug developed to treat allergies has been identified by US researchers as a potential cure for malaria.

University wins grant for anti-malaria research

None | 21 Jun 2023 | Reuters

A British university said on Wednesday it had a received a $13.6 million grant for research into alleviating a global shortage of treatments for malaria.

Novartis seeks next generation of malaria drugs

Gregory Roumeliotis | 02 Jun 2023 | Drug Researcher

Determined to eradicate a disease that takes the lives of more than one million people worldwide each year, Novartis has announced it will participate in a new public-private partnership which aims to discover more potent drugs to combat malaria.