Global Fund lifts China grant freeze

Gillian Wong | 23 Aug 2023 | Associated Press

[AFM note - The Global Fund's decision to continue funding public health programs in China is highly questionable. China has the fastest growing economy on earth and while Western taxpayers struggle to balance budgets at home and continue to fund health and development programs abroad, the Chinese government has rapidly increased its military spending and generously funds its own space program. Surely there are other countries that are more deserving of Global Fund support.]

Overtreating Malaria in Sub-Saharan Africa

Jill Braden Balderas | 22 Aug 2023 | PBS NewsHour

In countries throughout sub-Saharan Africa, health workers often treat patients for malaria even when a test indicates the parasite isn't present. The practice worries many health experts.

Malaria Gets the Foil-in-a-Microwave Treatment

Donald G. McNeil | 22 Aug 2023 | New York Times

What wacky idea has the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation put $1 million into now?
A plan to treat malaria by sticking the patient into a microwave.

Mosquitoes 'developing resistance to bed nets'

Matt McGrath | 17 Aug 2023 | BBC News

Mosquitoes can rapidly develop resistance to bed nets treated with insecticide, a study from Senegal says. In recent years the nets have become a leading method of preventing malaria, especially in Africa.

Spermless mosquitoes could halt malaria spread: study

None | 13 Aug 2023 | The Independent

Malaria is spread to humans by female mosquitoes who suck blood in order to help their offspring grow, but British scientists said Monday that introducing spermless males could halt the deadly disease.

Health Care Messages Improves Malaria, Says African Research

Kavita Verma | 08 Aug 2023 | News Tonight

According to the new six month long study published in British medical journal, The Lancet, there is connection between the text messaging and care given to a child suffering from malaria.

Swaziland successful in fight against malaria

Bonisile Makhubu | 06 Aug 2023 | Times of Swaziland

The country is successfully fighting malaria, with the hope to completely eliminate the disease by 2015.

MDGs: So much done, so much more undone

Sulaimon Olanrewaju | 02 Aug 2023 | Nigerian Tribune

With 2015, the target year for the realisation of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) four years away, Sulaimon Olanrewaju reviews the efforts of the Federal Government towards the actualisation of the goals.

U.S. Works to End Malaria by 2015

Ann Cantrell | 29 Jul 2023 | Global Atlanta

The U.S. government is leading the way in ending malaria-related deaths by 2015, the head of the President's Malaria Initiative said at a youth leadership conference organized by Usher's New Look Foundation.

Potential Malaria Vaccine Protects Against Different Strains

Art Chimes | 29 Jul 2023 | Voice of America

A team of U.S. scientists has shown how a malaria vaccine could be more effective by making it work against different strains of the malaria parasite. The discovery may help develop more effective vaccines for other diseases, too. Many vaccines are administered in a serum contain adjuvants - substances that enhance the protective effect of the vaccine itself.