‘Supergirl’ Should Make Chlorine The Hero, Not The Villain

in Article Jan 11, 2024 By Jasson Urbach & Richard Tren From The Federalist

The new CBS show “Supergirl” features a young superheroine determined to save the world, just like Superman, her biological cousin from Krypton. With ISIS on the rise and the horrifying recent terrorist attacks, the concept of a superhero coming to our rescue is rather appealing.

Obviously, “Supergirl” is entirely fictional, but the show’s producers might at least try to conjure up some credible villains. As a start, they might ground those villains in scientific reality. 

Instead, the second episode of “Supergirl” features an insect-like alien that rampages about killing people. So far, so good. We soon learn, however, that this creature from outer space is not a carbon-based life form, but chlorine-based and to survive has been devouring stockpiles of the insecticide DDT from government warehouses. Trust Hollywood to take an insecticide that, thanks to mass media, already strikes fear and loathing into the hearts of all right-thinking people, and make it even scarier.

One can only guess how the show’s screenwriters came up with the idea of an evil chlorine-based life form, but one can be fairly sure the idea would only come up in an advanced, industrialized country, like the United States.

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