The March of Washingtons Distributes $5,000 for Pneumonia Drugs in Uganda

11 Nov 2023
Africa Fighting Malaria
Washington, D.C. - This World Pneumonia Day, the March of Washingtons - a broad-based campaign to increase access to high-quality antimalarial and pneumonia drugs, in Africa - is gearing up to make its first donation of pneumonia drugs, third donation overall. Antibiotics to treat pneumonia will be donated to Soft Power Health's clinic in Uganda, where pneumonia is a leading killer of children.

Hedge Funds vs. Malaria & Pneumonia and Africa Fighting Malaria teamed up in May 2008 to launch the March of Washingtons to help address the lack of access to high-quality antimalarial drugs, and recently pneumonia drugs, for people in Africa. The World Health Organization estimates that less than 20% of children with pneumonia receive the antibiotics they need.

"The March of Washingtons idea is simple," said Lance Laifer, founder of Hedge Funds vs. Malaria & Pneumonia. "George Washington had malaria and died of pneumonia. George Washington is on the one dollar bill. Just one dollar can buy a malaria or pneumonia medicine and support efforts to test for substandard drugs which are being sold in the marketplace. For every dollar we raise, we will buy a high-quality malaria or pneumonia treatment. As pneumonia is often incorrectly diagnosed as malaria, it is important that we ensure both forms of treatment are available."

$5,000 will be donated to Soft Power Health for the purchase and distribution of high-quality antibiotics to treat pneumonia. "With this donation from the March of Washingtons we will be able to purchase 6,700 courses of antibiotics to treat the many cases of pneumonia we see every day," said Dr. Jessie Stone, Founder of Soft Power Health.

$40,000 has already been donated to Soft Power Health for the purchase and distribution of approximately 40,000 treatments of Coartem®, the first-line antimalarial drug in Uganda. Mary Beth Powers of Save the Children, one of the co-founders of World Pneumonia Day, said, "The World Pneumonia Day coalition thanks the March of Washingtons for their generous contribution toward providing the life saving medicines needed to treat the biggest killers of children in Uganda - pneumonia and malaria."

To help in the fight against malaria and pneumonia, hold your own March of Washingtons or simply donate to the March of Washingtons by visiting our website at


Contact Information:

Richard Tren
Director, Africa Fighting Malaria
+1 202 223 3298

Lance Laifer
Founder, Hedge Funds vs. Malaria & Pneumonia

Dr. Jessie Stone
Founder, Soft Power Health