Uganda: Malaria Still a Burden to Pregnant Women in Pader - Chairman

Justin Moro | 31 Jul 2023
New Vision

A total of 478 pregnant women out of the 2,111 pregnant women attacked by malaria in Pader district had a miscarriage between 2005 and 2006, Pader district chairman, Peter Odok W'Oceng has said.

Addressing a press conference in Gulu town recently, Odok said malaria remains one of the main killer diseases in Pader.

"Of the 436,833 total cases of sickness recorded or reported at the various outpatient departments in our health facilities during 2005 and 2006, 156,591 cases were malaria cases.

"We in Pader embraced the Indoor Residual Spraying of the icon to kill malaria launched by the Minister of Health, Dr. Stephen Mallinga because malaria is a menace to our people,"Odok said.

On the HIV/Aids epidemic prevalence in the district, the chairman said: "HIV/Aids has affected 11% of the population in Pader."

He revealed that two serious outbreaks of measles and cholera occurred in 2006. However, they were eliminated due to concerted efforts of the district health department and various development partners.

Odok said the highest percentage of immunisation reached is 85%, adding that the health department will achieve the target of 100% this year.

He said one ofthe main challenges facing the health department is the low number of health workers. "We have got 115 filled positions, but we still need a total of 257 more health workers."