The US Senate's Resolution on World Malaria Day - a nice gesture ... but more is needed

None | 25 Apr 2023 | Africa Fighting Malaria

We commend the US Senators from both political parties for introducing a World Malaria Day Resolution. Notwithstanding the successes, there are still many challenges that lie ahead and they must be addressed.

Innovative Financing for Malaria - AFM's take on the Malaria Bond

None | 14 Mar 2024 | Africa Fighting Malaria

During the last Roll Back Malaria Partnership Board meeting, the Board acknowledged the Malaria Bond Business Plan developed by the Task Force on Innovative Financing and endorsed the next phase, including outreach to key stakeholders.

World Malaria Report 2011 - an AFM perspective

None | 13 Dec 2023 | Africa Fighting Malaria

The World Health Organization releases the 2011 World Malaria Report (WRM2011) today, which contains a great deal of interesting information and new data. Overall this is an excellent document that does not shy away from confronting the considerable challenges that malaria control faces.

Leadership in the fight against malaria

Roger Bate | 12 Dec 2023 | Africa Fighting Malaria

In the past decade great strides have been made in the fight against malaria, and many other diseases that proliferate in the tropics. US Government annual spending on malaria has increase from just under $90m in 2004 to the desired $691m requested by the President's Malaria Initiative for next year.

SADC malaria day commemorations 2011

Jasson Urbach | 17 Nov 2023 | Health Policy Unit

SADC Ministers of Health met in Limpopo on Friday November 11th to commemorate SADC Malaria Day and raise the profile of the disease. The theme of this year's event was, "Be free of Malaria in the SADC region", which is now conceivable as several countries in the region move towards the goal of malaria elimination.

The Global Fund's Malaria Medicine Subsidy: A nice idea with nasty implications

Richard Tren et al. | 08 Sep 2023 | Africa Fighting Malaria

Phase 1 of the Affordable Medicines Facility for malaria (AMFm) is a $225million initiative that was launched in 2010 in an effort to increase access to safe and effective artemisinin-based combination therapies (ACTs) by dramatically lowering their price with a global subsidy. The AMFm also seeks to drive out oral artemisinin monotherapies as their continued use threatens the entire class of drugs due to drug resistance.

EU gets taste of its own medicine

Richard Tren | 04 Jul 2023 | GlobalPost

WASHINGTON — As hospitals across Europe deal with rising cases and deaths caused by the recent E-coli outbreak, Russia announced a ban of all imported fresh vegetables from the European Union in an effort to avoid a similar outbreak. Russia ostensibly hopes to protect the health of its citizens, but this trade restriction has outraged the EU, calling the move "disproportionate." Some African farmers and public health officials however may look at this spat no small amount of satisfaction.

AFM's take on UN General Assembly malaria resolution

None | 21 Apr 2023 | Africa Fighting Malaria

In the run up to World Malaria Day on April 25, 2011, the 65th Session of the United Nations General Assembly adopted a malaria resolution. This long and encompassing resolution "Consolidating gains and accelerating efforts to control and eliminate malaria in developing countries, particularly in Africa, by 2015," sets the UN agenda against malaria.

Theft and Corruption at the Global Fund

Roger Bate | 06 Apr 2024 | The New Ledger

In a January Foreign Policy column I explained how most of the malaria medicines donated to Togo by the Global Fund to Fight AIDS TB and Malaria (GF), had gone missing, stolen by that government's own procurement agency staff.

AFM's points from GF OIG Progress Report

None | 11 Jan 2024 | Africa Fighting Malaria

The Global Fund's Office of the Inspector General recently issued a Progress Report. With regards to malaria funding, AFM has pulled out some of the most salient points.