Research Papers

Africa Fighting Malaria conducts research and writes commentary on the political economy of malaria and other diseases in developing countries. This includes but is not limited to the performance of national malaria control programs, donor and UN agencies, and the private sector. In line with AFM's mission, we have published several detailed research papers in a variety of journals and other outlets. Here are some of AFM's sample Research Papers:

International advocacy against DDT and other public health insecticides for malaria control Donald Roberts & Richard Tren, Research and Reports in Tropical Medicine, 20 Jan 2011
Medicine registration and medicine quality: a preliminary analysis of key cities in emerging markets Roger Bate, Lorraine Mooney & Kimberly Hess, Research and Reports in Tropical Medicine, 9 Dec 2010
Antimalarial medicine diversion: stock-outs and other public health problems Roger Bate, Kimberly Hess & Lorraine Mooney, Research and Reports in Tropical Medicine, 2 Sep 2010
The push for local production, costs and benefits - A case study of Uganda's Quality Chemicals James Taylor, Roger Bate, Emily Putze & Richard Tren, Sep 1, 2009
Drug Use in Nigeria Roger Bate, Thompson Ayodele, Richard Tren, Kimberly Hess & Olusegun Sotola, Aug 1, 2009
Pilot study comparing technologies to test for substandard drugs in field settings Roger Bate, Richard Tren, Kimberly Hess, Lorraine Mooney & Karen Porter, African Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmacology, 27 Apr 2009
Physical and chemical stability of expired fixed dose combination artemether-lumefantrine in uncontrolled tropical conditions Roger Bate, Richard Tren, Kimberly Hess & Amir Attaran, Malaria Journal, 25 Feb 2009
Bias and Neglect - Public Health Insecticides and Disease Control Richard Tren, Kimberly Hess, Roger Bate, Jasson Urbach & Donald Roberts, Dec 1, 2008
Antimalarial Drug Quality in the Most Severely Malarious Parts of Africa - A Six Country Study Roger Bate, Philip Coticelli, Richard Tren & Amir Attaran, PLoS One, 7 May 2008
Malaria Treatment in Africa Richard Tren, Philip Coticelli, Roger Bate & Kimberly Hess, May 1, 2008
Keeping Malaria Out of Zanzibar Richard Tren, Jasson Urbach, Francois Maartens & Philip Coticelli, Mar 26, 2008
A Field Report of Uganda's Efforts to Build a Comprehensive Malaria Control Program Richard Tren, Roger Bate & Philip Coticelli, Sep 4, 2007
WHOPES and Its Impact on Long-lasting Insecticidal Net Availability Philip Coticelli, AFM Occasional Paper, Apr 23, 2007
USAID's Health Challenge: Improving US Foreign Assistance Roger Bate, Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine, Jan 17, 2007
Moving Mountains: The Evolution of USAID's Malaria Control Program Roger Bate, Richard Tren & Philip Coticelli, AFM Occasional Paper, Dec 12, 2006
Tariffs, Corruption and Other Impediments to Medicinal Access in Developing Countries Roger Bate, Richard Tren, Lorraine Mooney & Kathryn Boateng, American Enterprise Institute Working Paper, Aug 4, 2006
You can find more AFM Research Papers throughout our website. Please also read our sample Editorials, Testimony, Letters, Media Coverage and Success Stories located in the What We Do menu above.

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