Report on the East and Southern Africa Joint Annual Consultation and Planning Meeting

Jasson Urbach | 14 Oct 2006 | Africa Fighting Malaria

AFM Southern Africa Director Jasson Urbach reports on this critical regional initiative.

Tariffs, Corruption and Other Impediments to Medicinal Access in Developing Countries: Field Evidence

Roger Bate et al | 04 Aug 2006 | American Enterprise Institute

AEI and AFM collaborate on a study investigating the incidence of corruption and import tariffs on medicines and the impact on access to medicines in poor countries.

The WTO and Access to Essential Medicines: Recent Agreements, New Assigments

Roger Bate & Richard Tren | 13 Feb 2006 | American Enterprise Institute

Roger Bate and Richard Tren discuss the recent World Trade Organization agreement on TRIPS and public health, and recommend that its focus on removing import tariffs on medicines and medical devices.

Still Taxed to Death: An Analysis of Taxes and Tariffs on Medicines, Vaccines and Medical Devices

Roger Bate et al | 01 Feb 2006 | AEI-Brookings Joint Center

This paper examines the role that tariffs, domestic taxes, and regulatory requirements pose on access to essential drugs, vaccines and devices for the diseases that afflict the developing world.

Despotism and Disease

Roger Bate & Richard Tren | 11 Mar 2005 | Africa Fighting Malaria

Roger Bate and Richard Tren report on the health situation of Zimbabwe and discuss its probable impact on the region's health.

Climate Change and Malaria

| 09 Jan 2004 | Science

Indur Goklany offers some fascinating insights into climate change, malaria, poverty and development, and a response from Sir David King.