Press Releases

3 BILLION AND COUNTING Opens in New York at The QUAD Cinema

03 Sep 2010 | PR Newswire

The QUAD Cinema, one of New York City's leading art houses, presents the New York premiere of the provocative new documentary, 3 BILLION AND COUNTING (102 minutes), directed and produced by Dr. D. Rutledge Taylor.

World Malaria Day Call To Action On Indoor Residual Spraying

Africa Fighting Malaria | 23 Apr 2008 | Medical News Today

Indoor Residual Spraying (IRS) is a highly effective method of malaria control recommended by the World Health Organization, but it is underutilized and under-funded. Africa Fighting Malaria (AFM) maintains that all methods of malaria control must be scaled up - not just insecticide-treated nets - in order to reduce the 1 million deaths caused by deadly mosquitoes annually.

Government Of Madagascar and Coalition of Global Partners Launch Measles and Malaria Prevention Campaign

22 Oct 2007 | American Red Cross

The government of Madagascar, in collaboration with international partners, is launching a national health campaign to vaccinate more than 2.8 million children against measles and distribute more than 1.5 million insecticide-treated mosquito nets to prevent the spread of malaria—diseases which take the lives of more than 1 million African children each year.

RTI International Launches Anti-malaria Spraying Campaign in Rwanda

28 Aug 2007 | Research Triangle International

RTI International has launched an anti-malaria spraying campaign that will treat 155,000 households in Rwanda as part of the President's Malaria Initiative.

Edible Fish Feasts Beat Malaria

14 Aug 2007 | Science Daily

The emerging threat of pesticide resistance means that biological malaria control methods are once again in vogue. New research published in the online open access journal BMC Public Health shows how Nile tilapia, a fish more commonly served up to Kenyan diners, is a valuable weapon against malaria mosquitoes.

Uganda to curb malaria in refugee camps by massive insecticide

08 Feb 2007 | Relief Web

In a bid to fight the deadly malaria, indoor residual insecticide spraying is scheduled to begin in the refugee camps in the war-ravaged northern Uganda.

Big Tobacco Opposes WHO and Malaria Control in Uganda

22 Sep 2006 | Africa Fighting Malaria

British American Tobacco plc (BAT) has emerged as a front runner in a corporate coalition opposing the highly effective public health insecticide, DDT, in Uganda.

Africa Fighting Malaria Responds To Berkeley University Study Into DDT And Neurodevelopment In Children

Africa Fighting Malaria | 18 Jul 2006 | Medical News Today

Once again media attention has been given to research that links DDT exposure to human harm. The latest study by Eskenazi et al.[1] found a limited, perhaps transient association between DDT and neurodevelopment in children at 6, 12 and 24 months born to Mexican women who lived in California following exposure to agricultural uses of DDT in Mexico. The findings, based on a small sample population in one location, prompted the researchers to recommend that countries considering the use of DDT in malaria control should "weigh its benefit in eradicating malaria against the negative associations" found in their study. Africa Fighting Malaria rejects this conclusion and finds it both irresponsible and misleading.

AFM writes to EU to demand explanation on DDT & Uganda issue

Roger Bate & Richard Tren | 06 Apr 2006 | Africa Fighting Malaria

Richard Tren & Roger Bate have written to Javier Solana, Secretary General of the Council of the European Union, demanding an explanation of the fear mongering anti-DDT statements made by EU officials in Uganda. Currently it seems that the EU is going against the WHO, Global Fund and USAID in blocking the use of DDT and thereby harming malaria control, health & development in Uganda.