The return of DDT

Robert Matthews | 23 Mar 2009 | The National

Is it a hoax? Is it a scam? No, it is the latest crazy idea for ridding the world of mosquitoes: zapping them with laser beams. Last week reports emerged of a prototype device which detects the mosquito as it homes in on its human victim, and feeds information about its trajectory to a computer.

Drop in malaria thanks to indoor spraying

Sam Ruburica | 20 Feb 2009 | Focus Media (Kigali)

The indoor residual spraying program (IRS), which is a major part of the efforts to eradicate malaria, seems to have significant results in Kigali city, with some health centers reporting of drop of 30% in malaria cases.

Insecticide or suffering?

Gilbert Ross | 18 Jan 2009 | Washington Times

Next week, the European Parliament will debate stringent regulation of a number of effective pesticides. It is apparently too much to expect a sense of shame from European public health officials and their activist "environmental" collaborators when the subject of chemical pesticides is raised.

EU's pesticides ban raises issues

James Melik | 15 Jan 2009 | BBC News

The European parliament's vote to ban the use of some pesticides has annoyed some farmers who say it will harm production and force prices up, though environmentalists insist it will improve the health of producers and consumers.

SA scientists oppose EU pesticide rules

Tamar Kahn | 13 Jan 2009 | Business Day (South Africa)

South African scientists have joined malaria experts from around the world to lobby against the European Union's (EU's) plans to introduce stringent new pesticide rules, which they say will hamper Africa's fight against malaria.

Euro MPs back pesticide controls

None | 13 Jan 2009 | BBC News

The European Parliament has voted to tighten rules on pesticide use and ban at least 22 chemicals deemed harmful to human health.

DDT cannot kill like malaria

Barnabas Atwiine | 11 Jan 2009 | New Vision

I wish to respond to an opinion that appeared in The New Vision of January 2, in which Ellady Muyambi alleges that there is evidence that indoor spraying of DDT against malaria will kill more people than malaria. Muyambi grosses over the statistics of malaria by saying that it kills 800,000 Africans, mainly children under five per year.

New EU pesticides regulations will undermine fight against malaria - new report

None | 08 Jan 2009 | American Chronicle

The European Parliament votes on Tuesday on a proposal to tighten regulation on agricultural pesticides, which risks making many common insecticides illegal. This will have a devastating effect on the fight against malaria in poor countries, according to a new report from the Campaign for Fighting Diseases.

Pushing for science-based regulation

Forrest Laws | 05 Dec 2008 | Delta Farm Press

Nov. 4 was not exactly a "red-letter" day for the U.S. crop protection industry. In fact, some would argue the Democratic Party's victory in the national presidential election was the seed and chemical sector's worst nightmare come true.

To succeed in the war against malaria, Africa needs to foster economic growth

None | 04 Dec 2008 | Daily Nation

AFM's Richard Tren is interviewed by Daily Nation.