Uganda: Government Gets 1.8 Million Mosquito Nets and Equipment

Agness Nandutu Mulago | 06 Oct 2006 | Monitor (Kampala)

The government has received 1.8 million treated mosquito nets in an initiative to fight malaria.

Sen Tom Coburn's Letter to the WSJ

Senator Tom Coburn | 28 Aug 2006 | US Congress

Dr Coburn commends the reforms that Dr Arata Kochi is making at the WHO, but warns that entrenched resistance at WHO may thwart his noble efforts.

Sharp decline of malaria noted

Simon Kivamwo | 27 Aug 2006 | IPPMedia

Hardly a year after the US President's Malaria Initiative (PMI) in Tanzania had launched its activities in Zanzibar, there is a vivid sharp decline in malaria cases in the Isles as Abdul S Ali, the Zanzibar Malaria Control Program (ZMCP) Programme Manager reveals.

Senate's Most Wanted

Editorial | 21 Aug 2006 | Wall Street Journal

An anonymous US Senator is blocking progress on S.2590, the Federal Funding Accountability and Transparency Act.

The US President's Malaria Initiative

Staff Writers | 06 Jul 2006 | The Lancet

While the President's Malaria Initiative embodies positive reforms to USAID's malaria control programs in Africa, there remains much room for improvement.

Africa Launches DDT Attack Against Malaria

James M. Taylor | 01 Jul 2006 | (Venezuela)

USAID has declared DDT safe to use. Now the fight is with the EU, whose threats to ban trade with countries using DDT dog discussions within Africa.

US-funded program fights against malaria in Tanzania

John Donnelly | 08 Jun 2006 | Boston Globe

The fight against the debilitating and often deadly disease on this slice of northern Pemba is one of the first successes of the five-year US initiative. Today , the Bush administration is expected to expand the program from three countries -- Angola and Uganda, in addition to Tanzania -- to seven.

Mrs. Laura Bush Announces Phase II Countries Under President's Malaria Initiative

None | 08 Jun 2006 | USAID

Today, Mrs. Laura Bush announced Malawi, Mozambique, Rwanda, and Senegal as the newest countries to be added to the President's Malaria Initiative (PMI) -- an historic $1.2 billion, five-year initiative to control malaria in Africa.

Save Africans, kill mosquitoes

None | 05 May 2006 | Washington Times

The Washington Times comes down on the right side of the DDT debate and favourably reports on USAID's decision to buy DDT for malaria control.

DDT: A Weapon of Mass Survival

Steven Milloy | 04 May 2006 | Fox News

Steven Milloy sums it all up in the final sentence of this piece on Fox News: "Let's forget the myths about DDT - it's time to stop malaria now." Here here.