World Bank chief on four-day tour

None | 13 Jul 2006 | Daily News (Tanzania)

World Bank President Paul Wolfowitz was scheduled to arrive in Tanzania late yesterday for a four-day visit at the invitation of President Jakaya Kikwete, the bank's local office said in a statement.

Malaria experts say World Bank published false statistics, approved deadly treatments

Staff Writers | 19 Jun 2006 | Bretton Woods Project

A group of public health experts has called for an independent investigation into the World Bank's publication of "false epidemiological statistics", approval of "obsolete treatments" for a deadly strain of malaria, and failure to uphold its pledges for funding malaria control.

World Bank incompetence and malpractice

Fiona Kobusingye-Boynes | 16 Jun 2006 |

Fiona Kobusingye speaks from horrible personal experience about the disease that has killed six members of her family and snuffs out the lives of a million Africans every year.

World Bank steps up malaria-control effort

Christine Dell'amore | 29 Apr 2006 | Monsters and

The World Bank has announced its pledge of $62 million toward fighting malaria in four countries. But should the Bank be involved with disease control?

Sickening Incompetence

Philip Coticelli & Justin Schwab | 29 Apr 2006 | National Review Online

Philip Coticelli & Justin Schwab's piece on NRO is republished by CBS - Sickening incompetence refers to the failure of the World Bank's malaria control program - which has failed on so many levels.

Malaria missteps

None | 26 Apr 2006 | Los Angeles Times

The World Bank should stick to funding infrastructural projects in developing countries - any money it has for public health projects should be given to private organisations such as the Global Fund, who are better equipped to spend it properly.

World Bank Failed in Fight Against Malaria, Health Experts Say

Celia Dugger | 25 Apr 2006 | New York Times

The World Bank failed to follow through on its pledges to spend up to $500 million to combat malaria, let its staff working on the disease shrink to zero, used false statistical data to claim success and wasted money on ineffective medicines, according to a group of public health experts writing in the British medical journal The Lancet.

Experts Rip World Bank on Malaria Work

Danica Kirka | 25 Apr 2006 | Washington Post

Amir Attaran and a group of public health experts accused the World Bank on Tuesdays' Africa Malaria Day of faking medical data, approving useless treatments and reneging on promises to help fund the fight against malaria

World Bank accused of deception over malaria funding

Sarah Boseley | 25 Apr 2006 | Guardian Unlimited

Writing in an online publication for the Lancet medical journal, Amir Attaran and colleagues say the World Bank is unfit to lead global efforts to control the disease, which kills around 1 million people a year - most of them small children.

World Bank accused over malaria

None | 24 Apr 2006 | BBC News

A Lancet paper by Amir Attaran and colleagues claims the World Bank faked figures, boosting the success of its malaria projects, and reneged on a pledge to invest $300-500m in Africa.