New hope for malaria

Sarah Boseley | 06 Jul 2011 |

A drug that is regularly given to people in Africa to prevent river blindness appears also to kill the mosquitoes that spread malaria, scientists have discovered. The breakthrough, from teams in Senegal and Colorado State University in the US, provides another useful weapon in the armoury against a disease that kills around 800,000 a year, most of them small children and pregnant women.

I did the maths. Vaccines make aid go furthest

None | 13 Jun 2011 | The Sun

Many hard-up Brits resent money paid out in foreign aid. But four million children's lives could be saved if a Global Alliance For Vaccines And Immunisation summit in London today helps secure the £2.3billion needed to protect them against illnesses including pneumonia and malaria.

GlaxoSmithKline and Medicines For Malaria Venture announce new collaboration to investigate novel antimalarial compounds

Staff Writers | 28 Jan 2008 | WebWire

GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) and the not-for-profit group, Medicines for Malaria Venture (MMV), recently announced a new collaboration to identify novel drugs for the treatment of malaria.

Ranbaxy to become first Indian pharma to launch NCE globally

Anil Joseph | 05 Sep 2007 | Hindustan Times

Ranbaxy has completed the second phase of the clinical trial of a revolutionary anti-malarial drug that could enable it to be the nation's first pharmaceutical company to launch a New Chemical Entity (NCE) globally.

Certain Combination Therapy Found More Effective For Treating Malaria In African Children

Wallace Rawen | 28 May 2007 | Medical News Today

Ugandan children who received the combination therapy of artemether-lumefantrine experienced a lower rate of treatment failure compared to other combination therapies

Debate On Malaria And Trade Flexibilities At WHO

Tove Iren S. Gerhardsen | 06 Feb 2007 | Intellectual Property Watch

A recent top-level meeting of the World Health Organization discussed member states' rights to address malaria using flexibilities in international trade and intellectual property law. But there was strong disagreement as to how far this language should go, according to sources.

Malaria: New drug lead from Madagascar's rainforests

Alexandra Flemming | 01 Feb 2007 | Nature

Carraz et al., reporting in PLoS Medicine, have now identified a potent lead compound that is specifically active against the obligatory primary liver stage of malaria.

Study works toward new malaria drug

Jasten McGowan | 31 Jan 2007 | Chronicle Online

More than a million people die each year from malaria due to an outdated drug that no longer serves its purpose, but lately, Duke researches have been hard at work to reverse that trend.

From Sheffield to Singapore, international Grid battles malaria

Staff Writers | 31 Jan 2007 |

Physicists in the UK have shared their computers with biologists from countries including France and Korea in an effort to combat the disease.

Nigeria to enact law to back malaria, HIV drugs

Tan Ee Lyn | 17 Jan 2007 | Reuters

Nigeria is in the final stages of passing a law that will allow local drugmakers to produce more life-saving medicines for its people to fight malaria and HIV/AIDS, a top official said.