It's all in the genes ...

Carol Campbell | 14 Mar 2009 | Mail & Guardian

A malaria epidemic in South Africa 10 years ago inspired research leading to the discovery of two genes that make a mosquito resistant to some insecticides.

Insecticide malaria impact clue

None | 05 Feb 2009 | BBC News

UK scientists have identified genetic differences in malarial mosquitoes which may reveal their level of resistance to insecticides. The find may help researchers work out which areas cannot rely on insecticides to help minimise the risk of malaria, reports the journal Genome Research.

Rachel Carson's legacy nothing to celebrate

Jeremy Lott and Erin Wildermuth | 28 May 2007 | Baltimore Sun

AFM's Richard Tren comments on Rachel Carson's misrepresentation of facts in her 1962 book: Silent Spring.

Researchers: Safer Pesticide To Battle Malaria Carrying Mosquitoes Being Developed

Linda Young | 21 Dec 2006 | All Headline News

Researchers say a new discovery could lead to a safer pesticide to kill mosquitoes and save many of the 3,000 children killed by malaria every day in Sub Saharan Africa.

New Form of DDT to Fight Malaria

Fred Ouma | 22 Nov 2006 |

The Ugandan health ministry has announced that it will use a new form of DDT that sticks to walls to minimise leakages.