Drug-Resistant Malaria Emerging in Africa: Researchers

Simeon Bennett | 26 Apr 2023 | Bloomberg

Drug-resistant malaria may be emerging in Africa, according to a study that suggests the most powerful drugs against the disease are losing potency on the continent most affected by it.

Waiting for AMFm's Evaluation: What Will It Say on Supply-Side Subsidies?

Victoria Fan | 18 Apr 2023 | Center for Global Development

A few weeks ago, the Independent Evaluation of the Affordable Medicines Facility - malaria (AMFm) Phase 1 evaluation was released by the Global Fund on its website. Much to my dismay, however, this "evaluation" was only the 'Baseline Report' on AMFm which provides basic information on the pre-intervention data, based on my quick read of the Executive Summary.

Making drugs into profit in Uganda

None | 09 Apr 2024 | BBC News

Emmanuel Katongole's pioneering efforts in Uganda have turned him into successful businessman making money from producing affordable life-saving drugs for the treatment of HIV and malaria. Fifteen years ago, he started a pharmaceutical company at the time the government was beginning to concentrate more on health care and less on the direct supply of medicines.

Resistance spread 'compromising' fight against malaria

Matt McGrath | 05 Apr 2024 | BBC News

Scientists have found new evidence that resistance to the front-line treatments for malaria is increasing. They have confirmed that resistant strains of the malaria parasite on the border between Thailand and Burma, 500 miles (800km) away from previous sites.

Biomed Analysis: Why Africa must make its own drugs

Priya Shetty | 22 Mar 2024 | SciDev.Net

Many resource-poor countries, especially those in Africa, have always depended on other countries for their drug supplies, either through foreign aid or buying cheap generics from the pharmacy of the developing world — India.

Theft of drugs slows down war on malaria

Gatonye Gathura | 14 Mar 2024 | Daily Nation

The sale of expired medicines and theft of drugs from public hospitals have hampered a government programme to supply subsidised malaria treatment in the country. A spot-check by the Nation in the city centre and two residential areas of Nairobi in the past two days showed the medicines subsidised through the Global Fund have largely been out of stock since the beginning of the year.

KENYA: Malaria drug effectiveness hit by under-dosage

None | 12 Mar 2024 | IRIN News

Lack of adherence to the full course of Artemisinin-based combination therapy (ACT) treatment is threatening the effectiveness of the drug recommended as first-line treatment for uncomplicated malaria in countries where the disease is endemic, according to recent studies.

Data sharing aids the fight against malaria

Daniel Cressey | 14 Feb 2024 | Nature

In the hunt for drugs that target diseases in the developing world, 'open innovation' is creating a buzz. Pharmaceutical companies are making entire libraries of chemical compounds publicly available, allowing researchers to rifle through them for promising drug candidates.

Benin makes headway in attempt to reduce deaths from malaria

Alex Duval Smith | 10 Feb 2024 |

In the markets of west Africa, malaria drugs are on sale as openly as oranges and bananas. Trader Simone Adechinan claims to know her stuff. "With these," she says, producing a beige box marked Chloroquine Phosphate, "you want to take six tablets a day for a week, then pause for a week and take paracetamol, then start again."

Fake malaria drugs could 'put millions at risk'

None | 16 Jan 2024 | BBC News

Fake and poor quality anti-malarial drugs are threatening efforts to control the disease in Africa and could put millions of lives at risk, scientists say. The counterfeit medicines could harm patients and promote drug resistance among malaria parasites, warns the study, funded by the Wellcome Trust.