China gives malaria aid

Moses Mulando | 11 Feb 2024
New Vision
The Chinese government is to set up a malaria treatment and research centre to assist Uganda fight malaria.

"The centre will provide free malaria drugs, treatment, conduct research and train health workers," said Dr. Xia Gang, who led a 15-man delegation to Uganda.

Meeting the health minister, Stephen Mallinga, on Friday, Gang revealed that the assistance follows a resolution by his government to set up 30 malaria centers in Africa.

Gang said: "Because of the cooperation between China and Uganda, we have decided to make Uganda the first beneficiary of this humanitarian scheme."

"Malaria is the major reason for high mortality rate, and is the number one killer disease in the country. Coming to help against such a dangerous enemy shows how much China loves us," Mallinga observed.

The Chinese delegation held a workshop with health officials at hotel Africana on Saturday.