NGO appeals for residual spraying

Anthony Bugembe | 24 Apr 2008
New Vision
As the World marks Malaria Day today, an international charity has called upon governments and donors to increase funding for indoor residual spraying.

The charity, Africa Fighting Malaria, said although the method, effective in controlling malaria was recommended by the World Health Organisation, it is under-utilised and funded.

World Malaria Day 2008 focuses on malaria across borders. Some of the best cross-border malaria control programmes rely on residual spraying. The method has saved millions of lives since the 1930s.

"Yet donor agencies remain reluctant to strengthen the programmes in Africa, train malariologists and medical entomologists and invest in new insecticides. Some insecticides Africa relies on were developed before World War II," said Richard Tren, the charity's director.

The Ministry of Health recently launched residual spraying in Oyam district amid opposition from environmentalists. The programme will cover 15 districts.

Dr. Stephen Mallinga, the health minister, said the Government would use DDT to fight malaria, after it successfully worked in southern Africa. He said the World Health Organisation had approved its use.