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News and Events during January 2003

28 January

WHO gets a new Director General - Dr. Jong Wook Lee succeeds Gro Harlem Bruntland. see for more details.

Hans Labohm writes for TechCentralStation about the dangers of being too cautious and the problems with the Precautionary Principle.

Read Richard Tren's comments (pdf file) to an AGOA workshop on public private partnerships hosted by the US Dept. of Commerce.

Coming up: The AGOA Meeting in Mauritius.

See for more details.

AFM is a founder memeber of the African Freedom Network - a network of organisations that promote personal freedom, the rule of law, property rights and democracy.

January 8

Malaria outbreak looms in Kenya - Floods are blamed, but the real culprit is surely the lack of effective malaria control and poor indoor residual spraying.

Africa Fighting Malaria wishes all its partners and supporters a very happy, safe and healthy 2003

Items of interest in early Jan:

Read James Shikwati in the Financial Times on Kenya's election. Also Richard Tren writes in the same edition of the FT.

Problems in delivering AIDS drugs in Africa. Read African AIDS pills hit black market. (Washington Times)

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