India's Deadly Lies

Amir Attaran & Roger Bate | 15 Feb 2005 | TCS Daily

India's treatment policies are hurting its poorest and most vulnerable citizens.

A Deadly Cocktail in South Africa

Richard Tren | 10 Jan 2005 | TCS Daily

Richard Tren reflects on South Africa's poor HIV/AIDS treatment policies with news of the death of Nelson Mandela's eldest son.

China's Latest Health Scandal

Richard Tren & Roger Bate | 15 Dec 2004 | Apple Daily (Hong Kong)

Is China denying African children a medicine that would save their lives? The evidence is growing that it is, and this policy must stop.

What An Unnecessary Disaster

Roger Bate | 25 Apr 2004 | Washington Post

We're fighting malaria with outmoded techniques for no good reason.

It's time for Britain to get tough over malaria funding

Roger Bate | 07 Mar 2004 | Daily Telegraph (UK)

The World Health Organization and Global Fund provided obsolete anti-malaria medicines in stark violation of their own policy.

Malaria Misappropriation

Roger Bate | 13 Feb 2004 | National Review Online

International bureaucracies hurt those they're supposed to help.

Guilty of 'malpractice'

Richard Tren & Roger Bate | 19 Jan 2004 | Washington Times

Thousands of African children are dying needlessly from malaria because of negligent treatment policies.

WHO Guilty of 'Medical Malpractice'

Richard Tren | 16 Jan 2004 | TCS Daily

If drug resistance develops to the current range of AIDS drugs, as many experts have predicted, and the WHO doesn't change its policies, the results could be disastrous.