Clinton and African AIDS

Richard Tren | 22 Jul 2005 | TCS Daily

Richard Tren criticizes the Clinton Foundation for seeking short term solutions to HIV/AIDS.

Threats to Patents, Threats to Health

Roger Bate | 21 Jul 2005 | TCS Daily

Simplistic but prevalent opinion holds that companies, especially pharmaceutical companies, are purely profit-driven and that governments, especially of developing countries, are purely driven by the welfare of their people. This is a pity because such views are dangerously wrong, and inevitably mislead public debate.

Zimbabwe's Tragedy Is Africa's

Roger Bate, Richard Tren & Archbishop Pius Ncube | 20 Jul 2005 | Embassy Magazine

Up to 1.5 million people homeless, more than 300,000 homes destroyed, more than 46,000 people arrested, over 4 million people starving - Embassy's three-part report on Zimbabwe by Archbishop Pius Ncube, Dr. Roger Bate, and Richard Tren.

The Path of Least Resistance

Roger Bate & Richard Tren | 11 Jul 2005 | Weekly Standard

The notion that more aid to Africa will help this poorest of continents ignores the likely entrenchment of corrupt political elites who have overseen decades of decline and misery.

Commentary on the 58th World Health Assembly's Malaria Control Resolution

Roger Bate et al | 06 Jul 2005 | Africa Fighting Malaria

AFM supports the prominence given to malaria and maalria control at the recent World Health Assembly, and encourages the World Health Organization to comply.

Medicine groups cannot save world

Richard Tren | 05 Jul 2005 | Business Day (South Africa)

Richard Tren discusses the role that drug companies will play in long-term AIDS treatment in Africa.

Meet Pinky: Africa's War on Self-Reliance

Richard Tren | 05 Jul 2005 | TCS Daily

Richard Tren warns against the G8 increasing aid to African countries without a fundamental change in the way it is managed by recipient governments.

Whose Responsibility

Richard Tren | 01 Jul 2005 | TCS Daily

The innovative drug company Bristol Myers Squibb and its charitable foundation, the Bristol Myers Squibb Foundation have just announced a $40 million program to create a pediatric AIDS treatment corps for Africa.

Brazil's Dangerous Denial

Roger Bate | 27 Jun 2005 | TCS Daily

Roger Bate discusses Brazil's negotiations with Abbott Laboratories on the price of a new anti-retroviral drug.

Putting Profits Before People

Richard Tren & Roger Bate | 20 Jun 2005 | TCS Daily

Richard Tren argues against the East African trade ministers intention to subject essential medicines to import taxes.