Getting it right...and wrong

None | 18 Jun 2023 | Africa Fighting Malaria

Two recent articles in "TIME" get it right...and wrong: In the article The Battle for Global Health: Battling a Scourge, published June 10, Alex Perry writes, "Spraying houses with insecticide — which in 2008 cut malaria infections in half — is also forbidden."

Successfully Combating Fake Drugs in Africa

Roger Bate | 15 Jun 2023 |

A new study finds public- and private-sector efforts having a positive effect on poor quality medicines in two West African cities. Substandard and counterfeit drugs can be lethal to patients and accelerate drug resistance across at-risk populations.

India's Fake Drugs Are a Real Problem

Roger Bate | 17 May 2023 | Wall Street Journal

The Food and Drug Administration of the Indian State of Uttar Pradesh recently conducted a series of raids throughout its region to uncover counterfeit drugs. The raids yielded large quantities of substandard medicines and resulted in several arrests.

Holding the line in battle against malaria

Richard Tren & Donald Roberts | 26 Apr 2023 | Business Day (South Africa)

Raising global awareness for public health problems is never easy, especially during periods of financial crisis. Yesterday, the United Nations, donor agencies and their affiliates marked World Malaria Day. However, the fact that most South Africans are ignorant of this day is not something to be lamented.

Killing the malaria killer

Richard Tren & Dipo Salimonu | 23 Apr 2023 |

On World Malaria Day this week governments and activists will boast of millions of dollars spent on tackling the disease that still kills a child every thirty seconds somewhere in the world. But most of them are culpable of disarming our most effective weapon--insecticides such as DDT.

DDT Danger: The Myth That Kills

None | 23 Apr 2023 | Fox Business

AFM's Richard Tren appears on Fox Business with John Stossel to discuss the book "The Excellent Powder" and the use of DDT in malaria control.

How bad science opened door for malaria

Richard Tren & Donald Roberts | 21 Apr 2023 | USA Today

Since it was first observed 40 years ago, Earth Day has grown from a handful of campus rallies into a global celebration of the environment and has raised ecological awareness around the world. Unfortunately, the politics surrounding Earth Day have also done long-term harm, damaging our ability to fight deadly diseases today.

Demonizing DDT

None | 21 Apr 2023 |

In "The Excellent Powder: DDT's Political and Scientific History," Richard Tren and Donald Roberts argue that the infamous insecticide is the world's greatest public-health success stories, saving millions of lives by preventing insect-borne disease.'s Nick Gillespie sat down with Tren and Roberts, who are part of Africa Fighting Malaria, to talk about how DDT got such a bad rap and what can be done to set the record straight.

Anti-insecticide extremists need to be 'Punk'd'

Richard Tren & Donald Roberts | 12 Apr 2023 | The Daily Caller

During his State of the Union address on Jan. 31, 2006, President Bush mentioned malaria twice. This probably took most Americans by surprise as the disease was banished from the States in the early 1950s. But as Bush and his administration established the ambitious PMI, the disease would soon feature fairly high on the political and popular agenda.

AFM Launch of the book "The Excellent Powder"

None | 09 Apr 2024 | Africa Fighting Malaria

AFM launched the book "The Excellent Powder: DDT's Political and Scientific History" in Washington, DC and South Africa. Click here to purchase the book ($25).