Drug Registration - a necessary but not sufficient condition for good quality drugs - a preliminary analysis of 12 countries

None | 01 Oct 2023 | Africa Fighting Malaria

As the United States has demonstrated over the past century, drug quality is partly dictated by the drug regulatory environment. Without at least basic quality control, cheats can flourish and quality can be weakened.

Drug resistance - a global-scale failure

None | 30 Jun 2023 | Africa Fighting Malaria

Drug resistance is seriously undermining efforts to cure disease in developing countries, a new report by the Center for Global Development (CGD) warns. The report argues that although eventual resistance is inevitable, it has been accelerated unnecessarily by careless practices in drug supply and use.

Malaria treatment, over-diagnosis and protecting ACTs

None | 28 Jun 2023 | Africa Fighting Malaria

News out on Friday from Cambodia reports that efforts to control emerging ACT drug resistance is paying off. Dr. Duong Socheat, head of Cambodia's National Center for Malaria Control, reports that the results from their work have been very encouraging.

Successfully Combating Fake Drugs in Africa

Roger Bate | 15 Jun 2023 |

A new study finds public- and private-sector efforts having a positive effect on poor quality medicines in two West African cities. Substandard and counterfeit drugs can be lethal to patients and accelerate drug resistance across at-risk populations.

India's Fake Drugs Are a Real Problem

Roger Bate | 17 May 2023 | Wall Street Journal

The Food and Drug Administration of the Indian State of Uttar Pradesh recently conducted a series of raids throughout its region to uncover counterfeit drugs. The raids yielded large quantities of substandard medicines and resulted in several arrests.

Quality Chemical Industries Ltd in Compliance with WHO GMP

None | 12 Mar 2024 | Africa Fighting Malaria

Quality Chemical Industries Limited of Uganda has been found to be operating in compliance with WHO Good Manufacturing Practices. This is an impressive start for local pharmaceutical manufacturing in Africa. However, there are still some big hurdles to clear: will they get WHO prequalification or SRA approval for a particular drug, after which they would be eligible for donor funding, and will they be able to produce at a low enough price to be competitive?

Killer drugs

Jasson Urbach & Richard Tren | 03 Feb 2024 | Health Policy Unit

A consignment of fake anti-malaria drugs worth an estimated N10 million (approximately R500,000) was seized recently by the Nigerian National Agency of Food and Drugs Administration and Control (NAFDAC). Fake drugs do not cure patients' ailments. Usually they contain little if any active ingredient and often contain chemicals that not only fail to treat the underlying ailment but also cause direct harm to the patient.

March of Washingtons - Update from Uganda

None | 05 Oct 2023 | Africa Fighting Malaria

In May 2009, the March of Washingtons distributed $30,000 to Soft Power Health for the purchase and distribution of antimalarial drugs in Uganda. Click here to watch a video update from Uganda.

India's Counterfeit Claims on Counterfeit Drugs

Roger Bate | 01 Oct 2023 |

The Indian government is touting a new survey showing a low percentage of drugs within the country are counterfeit. But the reality is that India still has a major problem with poor-quality drugs.

Protectionism Won't Heal Africa's Sick

Roger Bate | 28 Sep 2023 | Wall Street Journal

Donating money to boost African access to essential drugs is a wonderful thing. But unless philanthropists insist on market principles in the continent's drug market, and until they apply necessary due diligence when cutting checks, their aid stands to be hijacked by governmental opportunism, incompetence and corruption.