EU gets taste of its own medicine

Richard Tren | 04 Jul 2023 | GlobalPost

WASHINGTON — As hospitals across Europe deal with rising cases and deaths caused by the recent E-coli outbreak, Russia announced a ban of all imported fresh vegetables from the European Union in an effort to avoid a similar outbreak. Russia ostensibly hopes to protect the health of its citizens, but this trade restriction has outraged the EU, calling the move "disproportionate." Some African farmers and public health officials however may look at this spat no small amount of satisfaction.

Drug procurement, the Global Fund and misguided competition policies

Richard Tren , Kimberly Hess & Roger Bate | 22 Dec 2023 | Malaria Journal

In an effort to increase competition and decrease price, the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria recently began asking some grant recipients to use international competitive bidding processes for certain drug purchases.

Opinion: Misguided policies keep life-saving drugs out of reach

Richard Tren & James Taylor | 17 Dec 2023 | GlobalPost

Malaria is a preventable and curable disease that kills nearly 1 million people, mostly children, every year. This disease continues to kill in large part because so many poor people living in Africa lack access to safe, effective and affordable medicines.

'Don't put the south on the road to permanent poverty'

Richard Tren & Franklin Cudjoe | 05 Dec 2023 | Bangkok Post

As diplomats and delegates from the around the world gather in Copenhagen this month for a global climate change summit, a major rift is developing between rich and poor countries. The question is whether or not developing nations should be permitted to harness their natural resources to lift their people out of poverty.

East Africa: Battleground on Counterfeit Drugs

Roger Bate | 23 Jun 2023 | The New Ledger

Kenya recently adopted an anti-counterfeit law, and now its neighbor Uganda is contemplating adopting similar legislation. The drive to combat counterfeit drugs is a good one, and East African nations definitely needed to initiate legislation, since counterfeit products probably harm thousands in the region.

No Zion for Zimbabwe

Jasson Urbach | 04 Feb 2024 |

Zimbabwe's economic meltdown has caused a number of preventable and curable diseases to run rampant, claiming lives needlessly. Basic services have been neglected and precautionary measures to prevent the outbreak of diseases such as cholera and malaria have been abandoned.

SADC malaria day commemorated in KZN

Jasson Urbach | 24 Nov 2023 | Health Policy Unit

The annual South African Development Community (SADC) malaria day was held on 14 November. Health ministers attending the commemorations descended on the small town of Jozini in northern KwaZulu-Natal to raise awareness of the risks of the disease before the start of the rainy season that typically runs from November through to March. During this period, the scourge of malaria is at its worst in the region.

Making sense of the health care "brain drain"

Jasson Urbach | 11 Nov 2023 | Free Market Foundation

South Africa's chronic shortage of skilled health care professionals continues unabated and the situation worsens by the day. It is therefore unfortunate and inappropriate that the Department of Health continues to restrict the supply of doctors by limiting the number of foreign health professionals entering SA and the number of positions available at the government-run medical schools across the country.

Malaria control on Zanzibar Island

Jasson Urbach | 27 Nov 2023 | Health Policy Unit

Earlier this month, the Southern African Development Community (SADC) commemorated the annual SADC malaria day, which occurs on the second Friday of November. The day that was chosen because it precedes the start of the peak malaria transmission period of January to April in most Southern African countries. Around this time, most countries prepare themselves for the coming malaria season and the purpose of the commemorations is to bring malaria control managers together to share ideas about what policies work in malaria control.

Archbishop Pius Ncube Resigns

None | 11 Sep 2023 | Africa Fighting Malaria

Bulawayo's Catholic Archbishop Pius Ncube has resigned his position as Archbishop following allegations of adultery.  Africa Fighting Malaria has worked with Archbishop Pius in the past to highlight the outrageous abuses of the Mugabe regime and to support his work to protect human rights and keep the hope of liberty alive in Zimbabwe.