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Patents are not the problem with drug access -- Richard Tren, Financial Times, 2003-01-02
  Richard Tren's letter to the Financial Times concerning access to drugs in poor countries.

Africa Needs DDT -- Richard Tren, New York Times, 2002-12-28
  Richard Tren responds to the excellent editorial in the New York Times supporting the use of DDT in malaria control.

Fighting Malaria with DDT -- NYT Editorial, New York Times, 2002-12-23
  One of the leading newspapers in the US argues in favour of DDT use in malaria control. This is an important step forward and will hopefully encourage Aid agencies to change their anti-DDT stance.

Intellectual property rights can be catalyst for growth -- Stuart Eizenstat, Business Day, 2002-12-20
  Stuart Eizenstat (formerly of the Clinton Adminstration) argues that economic development requires intellectual property protection and that drug patents are not blocking access to drugs.

Africans Dying in Staggering Numbers -- Richard Tren, York Sunday Record, 2002-12-08
  Richard Tren writes on the ongoing WTO negotiations and the misguided and unhelpful attacks against intellectual property rights for drugs.

When Activists Win -- Roger Bate, TechCentralStation, 2002-12-05
  Roger Bate reports on the data showing a decline in the number of AntiRetroviral molecules in development.

Drugs and the World's Poor -- Richard Tren, Financial Times, 2002-12-03
  Richard Tren's letter to the Financial Times commenting on the need for greater trade rather than weaker drug patent laws.

Economic Growth Key to Tackling Aids -- Richard Tren, European Voice, 2002-12-02
  On World AIDS Day, Richard Tren argues that the health crisis in poor countries is not caused by drug patents, but by poverty and a lack of health infrastructure. Rich countries should be lowering trade barriers and not undermining drug patents in the name of bettering healthcare.

DDT Still Saving Lives -- Richard Tren, United Press International, 2002-11-11
  Richard Tren writes on the recent UNEP workshop held in Pretoria for African Countries to develop plans to reduce or eliminate persistent organic pollutants (POPS).

Weapon against malaria is ignored -- Richard Tren, Financial Times, 2002-11-07
  Richard Tren's letter to the Financial Times commenting on recent calls to increase funding and resources to fight malaria.

Southern Africa Beating Malaria -- Patrick Leeman,, 2002-11-05
  Article in the Argus Newspaper (South Africa), reproduced on explaining the successes in malaria control in Southern Africa.

Nigeria AIDS drug deal soured -- Dr. Roger Bate, United Press International, 2002-11-04
  Dr. Roger Bate explains how the importation of generic versions of patented AIDS drugs to Nigeria has done little to improve treatment in this West African country.

AIDS activists' new complaint not helpful -- Richard Tren, Business Day, 2002-10-02
  Richard Tren on the Aids Activists\' Competition Commission case against GSK and Boehringer Ingelheim.

Protecting Patents, Saving Lives -- Barun Mitra & Richard Tren, Wall Street Journal Asia, 2002-09-26
  Barun Mitra and Richard Tren write about the importance of patent protection in disease control. They argue that in poor countries, patents do not hinder access to essential drugs and they are vital in creating incentives for and giving security to innovators.

Giving Tolerance a Bad Name -- Richard Tren, TechCentral Station, 2002-09-03
  "The thin line between Robert Mugabe and the activists."

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