Archbishop Pius Ncube Resigns

11 Sep 2007
Africa Fighting Malaria
Bulawayo's Catholic Archbishop Pius Ncube has resigned his position as Archbishop following allegations of adultery. Africa Fighting Malaria has worked with Archbishop Pius in the past to highlight the outrageous abuses of the Mugabe regime and to support his work to protect human rights and keep the hope of liberty alive in Zimbabwe.The Mugabe government has smeared opponents in the past in other ways and has used sexual scandals to silence or discredit opponents. Whether or not these allegations are true, AFM stands by Archbishop Pius as a man of great moral courage and personal integrity.

As one of the few individuals to speak out against the evils of the Mugabe government, Archbishop Pius will go down in history as a great African leader and an outstanding defender of human rights, individual liberty and freedom.  AFM is extremely proud of its association with Archbishop Pius and will continue to work with him in the hope of securing a peaceful and prosperous Zimbabwe in the future.

In 2005, Richard Tren and Roger Bate co-authored a study on Operation Murambatsvina, State in Fear, with Archbishop Pius. We will shortly be publishing a study on the disastrous state of Zimbabwean healthcare.

See the BBC's report on Archbishop Pius's resignation.