Report back on the University of Pretoria's Launch of the Centre for Sustainable Malaria Control

17 Nov 2023
Africa Fighting Malaria
The University of Pretoria officially launched the Centre for Sustainable Malaria Control (CSMC) on the 17th of November 2011. According to the Centre's brochure, the CSMC "seeks to reduce reliance on potentially harmful compounds currently used for malaria vector control." Although every sustained malaria control and/or malaria elimination program relies on the use of public health insecticides, many of the architects behind the CSMC have a history of anti-insecticide activism. Based on this activism, Africa Fighting Malaria (AFM) believes the CSMC is likely only to sustain malaria, rather than control it.

Prof Tiaan de Jager, the director of the CSMC, is the author of several papers claiming that the WHO approved public health insecticide, DDT, is a source of harm to human health. Though the evidence base for his anti-DDT assertions is weak and would not comply with even the most basic epidemiologic criteria to prove a cause and effect relationship, he and his colleagues have continued to campaign against this public health insecticide, to the detriment of malaria control.

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