AFM Bulletin #1: Private sector and public sector malaria treatment in Africa

01 Jul 2008
Africa Fighting Malaria
Media coverage of malaria treatment focuses mostly on public sector drug delivery and new formulations of drugs under development. However, most anti-malarial drugs are obtained in the private sector, and few of the widely discussed drugs are actually bought by most Africans. This bulletin is the first in a series of papers discussing some of the less documented issues related to access of anti-malarial drugs in private and public settings: the volatility in price charged for the same drugs by private retailers within just a few miles of each other; the continued purchase of increasingly ineffective drugs; the expense of the newest drugs and hence problems encouraging poor Africans to buy these drugs; and the major penetration of the market by drugs from India, China and the European Union (EU), which are not registered in their home markets, and whose provenance are uncertain.

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