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News and Events during APRIL 2003

Kenya's Scientists Want Ban on DDT Lifted (All

Great news for malaria control in Africa.


DDT Takes a Bite out of KZN's malaria rate. (Independent Online)

25 April 2003


21 April


AFM's latest Occasional Paper on Research and Development for AIDS Drugs. Dr. Roger Bate.

Scientists solve the secrets of malaria. (Daily Telegraph)

Read Katherine Arie's piece on the use of DDT in Malaria, published by Reuters.

14 April

The WTO Doha round has stalled. While the US has been wrongly blamed for being an enemy of the poor for its stance on TRIPS, the real barrier to healthcare is poverty and the best way to escape poverty is to trade - yet trade in agriculture is blocked, mostly by France and Germany. If we are looking for someone to blame for a lack of access to drugs, surely it is the EU that is keeping African agricultural goods out of Europe and stiffling wealth creation.

11 April

SA's Minister of Health hails DDT against Malaria.

We welcome the Minister's statements - despite the fact that DDT saves lives every day and is one of the most effective weapons against malaira, we still face severe opposition to its use.

USAID, DFID and all other Donors: when are you going to start saving lives and change your stance on DDT?

7 April

RACING AGAINST MALARIA - Support this initiative to raise awarenss about malaria and malaria control.


4 April

Washington File - The US State Dept. discusses malaria in Africa. No mention though of the enormous successes of DDT spraying in South African, Zambia, Swaziland and other countries. With pyrethroid resistance growing - we have to have a change in US policy on DDT.

2 April

The War in Iraq creates possible malaria problem. Read more.

Allied forces should begin malaria control to protect local populations and forces - DDT spraying would be a good start.

1 April

Medical brain drain hits Malawi. Governments in Africa must start to pay medical personnel properly and improve working conditions - the only long term way to reverse the brain drain.

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