World Bank Matrix (Malaria Booster Program) - An Analysis for Africa Fighting Malaria

Roger Bate | 03 Oct 2006
Africa Fighting Malaria
AFM is concerned that the World Bank's malaria program does not comply with World Health Organization technical guidelines. The shortcomings of the World Bank's program were exposed by Attaran et al in the Lancet in April 2006 and again by AEI's Roger Bate in a recent working paper. Here, Dr Bate looks at the World Bank's malaria matrix. AFM welcomes the Bank's attempts to measure the effectiveness of their malaria spending, but as Dr Bate discusses, we have concerns about the quality of data as well as the rationale for the World Bank compiling this information. Unfortunately, there does not appear to be a logical division of labor between the World Bank, the World Health Organisation and other Roll Back Malaria partners.

Read Dr Bate's World Bank malaria matrix analysis here: