Press Releases

The March of Washingtons Distributes $5,000 for Pneumonia Drugs in Uganda

11 Nov 2010 | Africa Fighting Malaria

This World Pneumonia Day, the March of Washingtons - a broad-based campaign to increase access to high-quality antimalarial and pneumonia drugs, in Africa - is gearing up to make its first donation of pneumonia drugs, third donation overall.

March of Washingtons donates funds for life-saving antimalarial drugs in Uganda

31 Aug 2010 | Africa Fighting Malaria

The March of Washingtons - a broad-based campaign to increase access to high-quality antimalarial drugs, and now pneumonia drugs, in Africa - has made its second donation.

WHO releases new malaria guidelines for treatment and procurement of medicines

09 Mar 2010 | World Health Organization

The World Health Organization (WHO) is releasing new guidelines for the treatment of malaria, and the first ever guidance on procuring safe and efficacious anti-malarial medicines.

Paltalk Partners with Leading Non Profit Organizations to Raise Funds to Fight Malaria

09 Sep 2009 | Paltalk

Paltalk, the leading real-time, video-based chat community with over four million active members, today announced they have teamed with AFM, and Hedge Funds vs. Malaria & Pneumonia, to raise funds to fight the spread of Malaria.

The March of Washingtons Distributes $30,000 for Antimalarial Drugs in Uganda

28 May 2009 | Africa Fighting Malaria

The March of Washingtons - the first broad-based campaign to increase access to high-quality antimalarial drugs in Africa has just made its first donation.

First ever antimalarial market survey in Uganda

06 Nov 2008 | Medicines for Malaria Venture

Medicines for Malaria Venture (MMV) today launched a report providing the largest-ever body of evidence supporting the need for urgent action to improve access to antimalarials. The report: "Understanding the Antimalarials Market: Uganda 2007" is based on data gathered by the Ministry of Health (MoH) Uganda and MMV a public private partnership for the development and delivery of low cost effective malaria treatments.

Catholic Relief Services to Lead Malaria Fight in Benin

Catholic Relief Services | 27 Jun 2008 | Reuters

Catholic Relief Services (CRS) launched today the largest home-based malaria care campaign in the history of Benin. Thanks to a 15.5 million grant from The Global Fund to Fight Aids, Tuberculosis and Malaria, CRS, which leads a four-member consortium, will work with more than 1,400 community-based organizations that will educate families and provide basic malaria care for children with the parasite.

DNDi Partners With Pharma, Biotech, Academia, Public Health Institutes & NGOs to Deliver Lifesaving Drugs

24 Jun 2008 | DNDi

NEW YORK - June 24, 2008 - Drugs for Neglected Diseases initiative (DNDi), an independent, non-profit pharmaceutical organization, will bring together more than 150 scientists, researchers, academics and global health leaders from Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America, and North America on June 26, 2008, to discuss how international research partnerships can best develop and deliver new lifesaving drugs for neglected diseases.

Zanzibar's impressive attack on malaria

PLoS Medicine | 05 Nov 2007 |

Research in Zanzibar, Tanzania has found a remarkable fall in the number of children dying from malaria. Within a three-year period (2002 to 2005), malaria deaths among the islands' children dropped to a quarter of the previous level and overall child deaths to half.

New, Once-a-Day Fixed-Dose Combination Against Malaria Now Available

01 Mar 2007 | DNDi

Sanofi-aventis and the non-profit Drugs for Neglected Diseases initiative (DNDi) announced today that ASAQ, the new fixed-dose combination of artesunate (AS) and amodiaquine (AQ), will soon be available throughout sub-Saharan Africa.