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Tyranny and Disease. The Destruction of Healthcare in Zimbabwe

27 Sep 2007 | Africa Fighting Malaria

MEDIA RELEASE September 27, 2007

Healthcare in Zimbabwe has collapsed under the misrule of the Mugabe regime, according to a new report released today by Africa Fighting Malaria and Bulawayo's Archbishop Pius Ncube. With life expectancy possibly as low as 30 years and with the public health system all but destroyed, Zimbabwe faces a humanitarian disaster.

Most people living with HIV have little or no access to treatment or any medical assistance and adult mortality has risen alarmingly in recent years. The number of orphans and vulnerable children increases on a weekly basis with over 30% of children considered vulnerable. Food shortages, hyper inflation, in excess of 80% unemployment and many households headed by grandparents mean that there is little prospect children will enjoy a healthy and normal childhood.

The incidence of TB has risen faster in Zimbabwe than in the rest of Africa and with erratic and limited TB treatment, drug resistant TB is likely to spread, threatening neighbouring countries as more and more Zimbabweans flee. Malaria control is haphazard and few have access to effective malaria treatment; though this is one area where the South African government has provided practical assistance that benefits ordinary Zimbabweans.

Zimbabwe's MDC Appeals for Urgent Medical Supplies and Funds

Roy Bennett | 06 Apr 2007 | MDC Media Release

Faced with a rapidly escalating, brutal campaign of violence perpetrated by the Mugabe regime, Zimbabwe's Movement for Democratic Change has issued an urgent appeal for medical supplies as well as funds for medical costs, food and legal assistance.

Tariffs Corruption And Other Impediments To Medicinal Access In Developing Countries: Field Evidence

Africa Fighting Malaria | 06 Aug 2006 | Medical News Today

Lengthy customs procedures, onerous bureaucratic hurdles and tariff related corruption at borders are highlighted as barriers to accessing medicines in a new report published by the American Enterprise Institute. The report "Tariffs, Corruption and Other Impediments to Medicinal Access in Developing Countries: Field Evidence" presents evidence from interviews conducted with various organizations involved in supplying medicines and medical devices to developing countries.