Two African Children Die Needlessly Every Minute; 3000 Children Die Daily

03 Feb 2007
Christian News Wire

FACT 1: A Child Dies Every 30 Seconds

The World Health Organization says that a million people die each year from Malaria in sub-Saharan Africa. Adults who contract Malaria often remain sick for life, but small children are apt to die from the disease - 90% of the deaths due to Malaria are children.

FACT 2: Expensive Failures

It is well published that traditional approaches to African problems of disease, poverty and corruption, have been expensive ($50 Billion) and ineffective to the point of nearly no progress. The World Bank again proposes to spend hundreds of millions to combat Malaria.

CURE: Proven Herbal Remedy

Because of my years of experience with herbs, mission work in Africa, contacts in China, and recent info researching, I have become certain that there is a simple, low cost, cure for Malaria. The Chinese have had a 1000 year history of successfully curing Malaria, and this simple herbal formulation has been proved 100% effective in scientific studies.

APPROACH: 1000 Times More Effective

Just as the unique approach of Lighthouse Missions to evangelistic missions is about 1000 times more cost effective than traditional church organizations, we believe that we can be equally as effective and efficient in medical mission work combating Malaria and perhaps XXXX. Specific information is available on our web site.

With only $25,000 we expect to procure the initial supply of raw herbal product directly from China, establish a production capability in Maasai Land, and establish verification testing though a well respected African hospital. Given our proof within an estimated 3 to 4 months, we shall seek additional funding ($200,000) to expand production and establish irrigated mini farms which will produce the an independent supply of herbs at a very low cost. Medical missionaries should be able to affect many thousands of lives in 2007 and hundreds of thousands in 2008.

GOAL: 1 Dollar to Save 1 Child

We believe that we will be able to save a child's life for less than one dollar.