Amp'd Apparel Supports March of Washingtons

23 Apr 2009
Africa Fighting Malaria


To mark World Malaria Day on April 25, Amp'd Apparel, leading LA-based urban and street wear designers, became the latest supporters of the March of Washingtons, the first broad-based effort to raise funds for essential malaria medicines. Amp'd Apparel's involvement in this grass-roots effort will not only help to raise the profile of this deadly disease but will assist in raising money to provide malaria medicines to children in Africa.

According to Jim Forman, President of Amp'd Apparel, the company was established for people that have an attitude, that have something to say and want to say it. "In the same way," says Forman "we can help the March of Washingtons by getting the word out, raising the profile and changing attitudes so that kids don't have to go without life-saving medicines."

The March of Washingtons is a project of Hedge Funds vs. Malaria & Pneumonia (HFMP) and Africa Fighting Malaria. Lance Laifer, who co-founded Hedge Funds vs. Malaria & Pneumonia says the idea behind the March of Washingtons is simple. "George Washington had malaria; Washington's face is on the $1 bill and for an average of just $1 we can buy life-saving medicines to treat kids, adolescents and adults with malaria," says Laifer.

Malaria kills around 1 million people every year, mostly children and mostly in Africa. The disease also sickens around 300 million and creates an enormous economic burden.

"This is 2009" says Laifer, "no one should die from a preventable and curable disease just because they lack a $1 treatment course."

Laifer, who is behind several broad-based campaigns to fight malaria and pneumonia was encouraged and inspired by the efforts of individuals and groups to raise money for mosquito bednets. "But no one was raising money for medicines ," Laifer continues, " and kids can die incredibly quickly if they don't have the right drugs. That's why we worked with Africa Fighting Malaria to set up the March of Washingtons."

In addition to Amp'd Apparel supporters, the March of Washingtons website features many individuals and groups with photos of their $1 bill. Among those photographed are Alyssa Milano and models Christy Turlington , Diana Falzone and Krista Marchlowska.

Marchlowska maintains the March of Washingtons is "a great and innovative way to make a difference in the lives of young kids that need our help."

In April 2009, the March of Washingtons made its first donation of $30,000 worth of Coartem®, considered the gold-standard in malaria treatment, to Soft Power Health, a non-profit clinic in the highly malarial country of Uganda. "With this broad based support, we will be making many more such donations and saving lives," says Laifer.


Contacts: Lance Laifer, Founder, Hedge Funds vs. Malaria and Pneumonia , (646) 734 6657

Jim Forman, President, Amp'd Apparel , (818) 554 6949