Zanzibar's Example In Fighting Malaria

Peter Baker | 19 Feb 2008 | Washington Post

Not all that long ago, Mininyi Othman showed up at his clinic in this tiny village each morning to find a row of feverish people waiting on the bench outside. Malaria was ravaging his community. Now he has so few patients, his clinic was empty on Monday afternoon and he was thinking of closing early.

Ghana Loses $762 Million Annually In Malaria Control

Shirley Asiedu-Addo | 22 Jan 2008 |

About $762 million is lost in controlling malaria in the country yearlyThe loss includes labour loss, cost of transportation to facilities, cost to families and cost in treating patients.According to the Minister of Health, Major Courage Quashigah (retd), if the cost of preventable and avoidable diseases continued to increase, it might be necessary to sell the country to pay for the ill-health of its people.

Much-Needed Malaria Program Launched in Africa

Paul Driessen | 15 Jan 2008 | Heartland Institute

The U.S. government in mid-December extended the President's Malaria Initiative (PMI) to eight nations on the African continent. PMI, initially launched by President George W. Bush in June 2005, increases U.S. funding for anti-malaria campaigns in 15 nations by more than $1.2 billion over the next five years. The program aims to reduce malaria deaths by 50 percent in the targeted nations.

Support local producers by taxing imported drugs

Nazeem Mohamed | 01 Jan 2008 | New Vision

This editorial in Uganda's New Vision by the CEO of Kampala Pharmaceutical Industries argues for protectionist tariffs on drugs to protect the country's nascent industry.

Ghana: Country Gets $51 Million for Malaria Control

Ama Achiaa Amankwah | 14 Dec 2007 | Public Agenda

In Ghana, malaria accounts for more than 44 percent of visits to health facilities. UNICEF estimates that 20 thousand Ghanaian children under the age of five die each year of malaria. The disease is said to be one of the major causes of poverty and mortality in the country. Under the United States of America's President's Malaria Initiative (PMI), with a goal to reduce malaria deaths by half among the most risky groups: pregnant women and children under five, Ghana has been chosen as a new focus country. A total of $1.2 billion has been allotted for the five-year initiative in 15 of the highest-burden countries in Africa. In Ghana, PMI will operate for three years from 2008 through 2010 and will provide $17 million worth of support for malaria control efforts each year.

South Africa: Malaria Drugs at State Clinics From Next Year

Tamar Kahn | 11 Dec 2007 | Business Day (South Africa)

The health department will start providing malaria-prevention drugs at state clinics next year, a move likely to be of particular benefit to low- income migrant workers who travel to high-risk areas of SA and southern Africa.

South Africa: Feature - Malaria is Still Number one Killer

Staff Writers | 19 Nov 2007 | BuaNews

Malaria kills over one million people annually around the world with over 300 million clinical cases reported yearly, five times as many as combined cases of TB, AIDS, measles and leprosy, writes Siboniso Ntuli. This year, the KwaZulu-Natal Department of Health is marking Malaria Day with an event that will focus on teaching people about the dangers of malaria and how it can be controlled research and dynamic policy.

SADC countries winning the fight against malaria

Staff Writers | 17 Nov 2007 | SABC News

Governments in Southern Africa are winning the fight against malaria. Cases of this disease have declined by 62% in South Africa, Mozambique and Swaziland in the last seven years.

Namibia: Ministry Ready to Fight Malaria

Surihe Gaomas | 13 Nov 2007 | New Era (Windhoek)

Although malaria is preventable and curable, the disease remains the number one killer of children and pregnant woman in sub-Saharan Africa, and Namibia is no exception. Permanent Secretary of Health and Social Services Kahijoro Kahuure in a recent press statement said everyone should take steps to protect themselves from malaria. Such steps include "making sure that houses in malaria areas are sprayed with insecticide against mosquitoes and that people sleep under insecticide treated mosquito nets to avoid mosquito bites".

Africa Germ, Asian Insect Meet in Italy, Spur Disease

Jason Gale | 25 Sep 2007 | Bloomberg

Sept. 25 (Bloomberg) -- A virus from Africa, a mosquito from Asia and a tourist from India met one day this summer on the Italian seaside, showing how globalization hastens the spread of disease from one continent to another.