Study works toward new malaria drug

Jasten McGowan | 31 Jan 2007 | Chronicle Online

More than a million people die each year from malaria due to an outdated drug that no longer serves its purpose, but lately, Duke researches have been hard at work to reverse that trend.

From Sheffield to Singapore, international Grid battles malaria

Staff Writers | 31 Jan 2007 |

Physicists in the UK have shared their computers with biologists from countries including France and Korea in an effort to combat the disease.

EU researchers to develop malaria vaccine

Crucell | 26 Jan 2007 | Cordis News

A network of European researchers has been awarded EUR 2.4 million by the EU to take forward research into a malaria vaccine.

Nigeria to enact law to back malaria, HIV drugs

Tan Ee Lyn | 17 Jan 2007 | Reuters

Nigeria is in the final stages of passing a law that will allow local drugmakers to produce more life-saving medicines for its people to fight malaria and HIV/AIDS, a top official said.

GenVec to Test Malaria Vaccine

Associated Press | 17 Jan 2007 | Forbes

GenVec Inc. said Wednesday it plans to run a clinical study on an experimental malaria vaccine.

Scientist discover plant found only in Madagascar has anti-malaria properties

Associated Press | 09 Jan 2007 | International Herald Tribune

Tree Bark Compound Could Prevent Malaria

Staff Writers | 03 Jan 2007 |

A compound derived from the bark of a tree could help prevent malaria at the early stage of its infection, says a new study.

Researchers: Safer Pesticide To Battle Malaria Carrying Mosquitoes Being Developed

Linda Young | 21 Dec 2006 | All Headline News

Researchers say a new discovery could lead to a safer pesticide to kill mosquitoes and save many of the 3,000 children killed by malaria every day in Sub Saharan Africa.

Malaria vaccine announced

Staff Writers | 19 Dec 2006 | Agence France Presse

A new malaria vaccine candidate tested in mice could potentially mitigate the spread of malaria.

Stopping malaria before the bite

Staff Writers | 19 Dec 2006 | BBC News

Researchers are developing a malaria vaccine which blocks development of the disease-causing parasite while it is still inside the mosquito.