KENYA: Campaign against malaria to be launched

None | 07 Jul 2006 | IRIN News

In an effort to save more Kenyan children from malaria, the country will on Saturday embark on the first phase of a massive campaign to increase the number of children sleeping under nets treated with insecticide.

Zimbabwe: Malaria-Prone Districts to Receive Mosquito Nets

None | 27 Jun 2006 | Herald (Harare)

Several malaria-prone areas throughout Zimbabwe will receive 100 000 mosquito nets from Population Services International (PSI) over the next six months.

Bed nets problematic in malaria prevention

None | 22 Jun 2006 | United Press International

A U.S. scientist says she`s found simply giving insecticide treated bed nets to families in malaria-affected areas may not be enough to stop the disease.

Liberia: HMPI Launches Campaign Against Malaria

None | 14 Jun 2006 | Analyst (Monrovia)

A local non-government organization known as the Help My People Incorporated (HMPI) has launched a massive campaign aimed at eradicating malaria in Bong Mines, Bong County.

Distribution of Nets Splits Malaria Fighters

Reuben Kyama & Donald G. McNeil, Jr. | 09 Oct 2005 | New York Times

Veronica Njeri, 45, says she has "never healed" since losing two of her six children to malaria 20 years ago, and she still feels vulnerable. While her oldest are adults or teenagers, and have presumably built up immunity to the disease, she worries about her youngest, who is 4.