Shock's Riley helps fight malaria in Africa

Chris Silva | 09 Feb 2007 |

From the overcrowded and humid medical clinics to the recent flooding that has caused a spike in the disease, the Shock center's recent trip to Africa was eye-opening.

March Madness for Malaria

Sally Beatty | 02 Feb 2007 | Wall Street Journal

A group of hedge-fund managers have teamed up to raise money and boost awareness of the disease through an online fund-raising tournament dubbed Madness Against Malaria.

Uganda: 'Donor Aid Shouldn't Be Tagged to Politics'

Ben Simon | 28 Jan 2007 | Monitor (Kampala)

Ben Simon interview Professor Jeffrey Sachs on Uganda's ability to achieve the Millennium Development Goals.

Kenya a notch higher in malaria control

Judith Akolo | 17 Jan 2007 | Kenya Broadcasting Corporation

Kenya has made strides in the control of malaria, and to achieve the targets set by the Abuja Declaration on Rolling back Malaria in the year 2000.

Uganda: Govt to Distribute 1.8 Million Nets

Yasiin Mugerwa | 03 Jan 2007 |

The Ugandan health minister promised a nationwide distribution of 1.8 million free long lasting insecticide treated mosquito nets to fight malaria.

Mother: My daughter died for nothing

Jeff Koinange | 14 Dec 2006 | CNN

Kenya struggles to defeat malaria.

30% of children, women die of malaria

Yekini Jimoh | 17 Nov 2006 | Nigerian Tribune

ABOUT 30 per cent of death of children under the age of five and that of pregnant women in Nigeria are caused by malaria infection.

Zimbabwe: fighting Malaria near the mighty Zambezi River

Debora MacKenzie | 30 Aug 2006 | Relief Web

Thousands of people living with HIV, orphans and vulnerable children have received mosquito nets under the World Swim for Malaria donation by Zimbabwe Red Cross Society in Hwange district, about 900 kilometres south-west of the capital, Harare.

Canadian Customs Seize Mosquito Nets and Condoms Intended for AIDS Conference

Henry Neondo | 15 Aug 2006 |

Astonishing stupidity and ignorance from Canadian Customs as they seize insecticide treated nets destined for the International AIDS Conference in Toronto. The episode highlights the inability of the West to rationally evaluate the risks from insecticides with the risks from mosquitoes that transmit malaria.

Govt to distribute 1.2m free mosquito nets

Fredrick Odiero | 10 Jul 2006 | Kenya Times

The Kenyan government has announced that it will distribute 1.2 million long lasting mosquito nets to children under 5 years old in various parts of the country in an effort to fight malaria.