Africa: Taking the Fight Against Malaria to Americans

Gatonye Gathura | 15 Dec 2006 | The Nation (Nairobi)

Americans rank malaria among the least serious diseases worldwide.

Bush Celebrates Early Victories in Campaign Against Malaria

Celia Dugger | 15 Dec 2006 | New York Times

Malaria, a deadly tropical disease long overshadowed by AIDS, shared the stage with the president and the first lady on Thursday when the Bushes were the hosts of a forum at the National Geographic Society to raise the profile of this neglected scourge.

Bush adds 8 countries to campaign to combat malaria in Africa

Staff Writers | 14 Dec 2006 | Associated Press

President George W. Bush on Thursday added eight countries to a U.S. initiative aimed at combating malaria in Africa and reducing the disease's mortality rate by 50 percent in the targeted nations.

US talks aim to reverse malaria failure

Andrew Jack | 14 Dec 2006 | Financial Times

The world's leading malaria specialists gather in Washington on Thursday against the backdrop of an uncomfortable truth: their continued failure to tackle one of the most lethal diseases.

Make malaria disappear

Editorial | 14 Dec 2006 | Los Angeles Times

The LA Times considers how budget changes in the new Congress might affect the President's Malaria Initiative.

U.S. to step up fight against malaria in Africa

Charles Thomas | 14 Dec 2006 | ABC News

Senator Barack Obama voices support for President Bush's malaria control initiative.

Laura Bush to open White House summit on malaria

John Donnelly | 13 Dec 2006 | Boston Globe

Laura Bush plans to host the first White House Summit on Malaria with President Bush this week.

America and Malaria: Finally clearing the air

Staff Writers | 07 Dec 2006 | Economist

An American-led drive against one of the world's most dreadful diseases could learn from past mistakes.

White House To Hold Malaria Summit in December

Cheryl Pellerin | 13 Nov 2006 | USINFO.STATE.GOV

Representatives from nongovernmental, faith-based, service organizations to attend.

Zambia: U.S. Donates K3.2bn Worth Insecticides

None | 19 Oct 2006 | Times of Zambia

The US government through its Agency for International Development (USAID) yesterday donated insecticides worth K3.2 billion to Zambia for malaria control.