Africa: Ghana Visit to Highlight Effective Governance, Says Obama

Charles Cobb Jr., Tami Hultman & Reed Kramer | 03 Jul 2009 |

"Lifting up successful models" of democracy in Africa encourages more democracy on the continent, President Barack Obama told AllAfrica Thursday, explaining why he chose the West African nation of Ghana as the first sub-Saharan African country he would visit next week as President of the United States.

Malaria: The view from South Africa

Nicolas Brulliard | 11 Jun 2009 | GlobalPost

More than three decades after much of the developed world banned DDT use, South Africa maintains the maligned pesticide as a cornerstone of its malaria control strategy.

Ugandan spy jailed for Aids fraud

None | 09 Apr 2009 | BBC News

A Ugandan spy who set up a bogus charity and embezzled thousands of dollars of funding meant for Aids patients has been jailed for 10 years.

SADC E8 to Develop Framework on Malaria

Wezi Tjaronda | 05 Mar 2009 | New Era (Windhoek)

Health ministers of the SADC Elimination 8 countries have called on SADC to develop a costed framework for cross-border malaria collaboration among the E8 countries within one year.

Doctors group: Zimbabwe ripe for new epidemics

Donna Bryson | 17 Feb 2009 | Associated Press

Zimbabwe's entire health system has collapsed and the southern African nation now overwhelmed by cholera will soon see other epidemics, a worsening AIDS crisis and the effects of widespread malnutrition, an international doctors group said Tuesday.

Three cases of malaria reported in Durban

None | 15 Feb 2009 | Sunday Tribune

Durban health officials were called to a Mount Edgecombe residential estate this week after a case of malaria was reported. Two other cases were reported in other parts of the city.

Zimbabwe Could Use Some U.S. Attention

Roger Bate | 22 Jan 2009 | Wall Street Journal

Morgan Tsvangirai has nominally been Zimbabwe's prime minister since September, but he may never actually get to hold the post. Monday's collapse of power-sharing talks between Zimbabwean dictator Robert Mugabe and Mr. Tsvangirai marks the latest in a decade-long stream of bad news for this wretched country.

Malaria could hit Zim

None | 20 Jan 2009 | The Citizen

Zimbabweans face a potential malaria outbreak this year with 1,63 million people at risk of contracting the disease. According to the Roll Back Malaria (RBM) partnership, a global public-private partnership aimed at fighting malaria, an outbreak may become a reality due to health teams being diverted to control the cholera outbreak, no Indoor Residual Spraying (IRS) or Insecticide Treated Nets (ITN's) were rolled out.

Can Nigeria Eliminate Malaria?

Bill Brieger | 22 Dec 2008 | VOICES for a Malaria-Free Future

Earlier this month the New York Times expressed the concerns of many in and out of Nigeria when it said "That the president of Africa's second-wealthiest country and its biggest oil exporter had to travel abroad for minor treatment speaks volumes about the state of services in Nigeria. The average Nigerian lives on less than $2 a day and has no reliable access to electricity, clean water or adequate health care."

SWAZILAND: Winning the fight against malaria

None | 01 Dec 2008 | IRIN News

A decline in the incidence of malaria in Swaziland is being attributed to a devastating drought in the country's malaria belt.