Uganda to test malaria vaccine

Charles Ariko | 02 Jul 2006 | New Vision

Uganda has been identified as one of the countries in Africa where malaria vaccine trials will be conducted.

Vaccination Campaign Aims To Reduce Death By Malaria, Measles

None | 30 Jun 2006 | Angola Press Agency

The Angolan government will be administering vaccines to children across Uganda twice in July.

RTS,S and the search for a malaria vaccine

Joe Cohen | 01 Jun 2006 | Accra Daily Mail

The construction site for the plant that is destined to produce millions of doses of the malaria vaccine, known as RTS,S, is reportedly well underway.

Malaria vaccine 'close'

Roberta Mancuso | 13 Feb 2006 | The Advertiser

Australian scientists believe a vaccine for malaria could be available within five years as they prepare to take an "unconventional approach" to human trials.