Reformed US malaria program garners critics' approval

Charlotte Schubert | 06 Feb 2007 | Nature Medicine

Nature Medicine covers AFM's report on USAID and the President's Malaria Initiative.


Corinne Dead | 31 Jan 2007 |

"I'm deeply grateful to Senators Durbin, Leahy, Brownback and Sununu and to Congresswomen Barbara Lee and Nita Lowey for their personal commitment and hard work through this process."

Democrats Propose $463.5B Spending Bill

Daily Reports | 30 Jan 2007 |

Democrats allocate $724 million to the Global Fund and $248 million to the President's Malaria Initiative.

New Congress Can Save Lives, or Money

Desmond Tutu | 15 Jan 2007 | Washington Post

HIV-AIDS, tuberculosis, malaria, and the tens of thousands of orphaned and vulnerable children are symptoms of our collective failure to protect each other, to ensure that all people's basic needs and rights are met, and to guarantee everyone a life of dignity.

Ghana: President Bush Announces Ghana as New Focus Country for President's Malaria Initiative

Naa Norley | 20 Dec 2006 | Ghanaian Chronicle (Accra)

The President's Malaria Initiative announced that in 2008 it will scale up malaria control measures in Ghana, where the disease accounts for over a fifth of child deaths.

Ghana: Bush Fights Malaria

Staff Writers | 18 Dec 2006 | Accra Daily Mail

Ghana will be included in the US President's Malaria Initiative in 2008.

Bush Renews Effort to Cut Malaria Deaths

David Brown | 17 Dec 2006 | Washington Post

David Brown covers the White House Summit and progress of the President's Malaria Initiative.

'Grey's Anatomy' Doctor Is In -- Battling Malaria

Staff Writers | 17 Dec 2006 | ABC News

Grey's Anatomy star Isaiah Washington joins President Bush in fighting malaria.

No more aid cash unless you prove it's worthwhile

Nina Brenjo | 15 Dec 2006 | Reuters

Nina Brenjo covers Michela Wrong's discussion of aid measurement.

Bush says ending malaria 'possible'

Tom Carter | 15 Dec 2006 | Washington Times

Malaria, a disease that kills two African children every minute, can be eliminated if governments, private business and religious organizations have the will to make it happen, President Bush said yesterday.