Uganda losses huge sums of money to malaria: minister

None | 26 Apr 2006 | People's Daily

Ugandan Minister of Health, Jim Muhwezi said in a statement issued to mark the annual Africa Malaria Day on Tuesday that government losses $690 million to malaria each year.

500 Ugandans die of malaria daily

None | 24 Apr 2006 | AND Network

The Ugandan Ministry of Health has stated that it will introduce indoor residual spraying using DDT as a means to control the high rates of malaria prevalence, a move that is fully supported by Africa Fighting Malaria.

Health Ministry Launches New Malaria Drug

None | 20 Apr 2006 | Angola Press Agency

Angola changes malaria treatment to ACTs and is now in line with neighbouring Zambia. This is good news for malaria patients. WHO's new head of malaria, Dr Arata Kochi deserves credit for the agressive way in which he is championing the new treatment guidelines.

Ministry Distributes Coartem

Dradenya Amazia | 17 Apr 2006 | New Vision

Good news for malaria treatment in Uganda as the country starts to distribute Coartem - the artemsinin-based combination therapy.